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79%Apr 11, 2019 IFC and HKMA strengthen commitment to green and sustainable finance through groundbreaking agreements
79%Mar 21, 2019 IFC and Partners Promote Modern Livestock Technologies in Mongolia to Boost Productivity
79%Mar 4, 2019 IFC Begins Applying Green-Loan Principles to Spur Growth of $33 Billion Green-Loan Market
0%Dec 10, 2018 UK-IFC Partnership Aims to Mobilize $2 Billion in Financing for Green Construction
0%Dec 5, 2018 IFC Provides USD 80 Million to Ecuador’s Produbanco to Bolster Climate Finance and SMEs
0%Nov 30, 2018 IFC Report Identifies More Than $29 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities by 2030
0%Nov 29, 2018 IFC Report Identifies $20 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Asian Cities by 2030
0%Nov 29, 2018 IFC Report Finds Smart Policy, Innovation Can Unlock Climate Investment Opportunities in Chinese Cities and Beyond
0%Nov 29, 2018 IFC Report Identifies More Than $29 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities by 2030
0%Nov 28, 2018 IFC and NDA Hold consultation with Private sector to Discuss Report on Bolstering FDI in Mongolia
0%Oct 15, 2018 IFC’s 2018 Climate Business Forum in Vienna Aims to Scale Climate-smart Investing Across Europe and Central Asia Region
0%Oct 12, 2018 Creating Solutions for Climate Change: IFC and Finland Announce New Initiative Building on Blended Finance Partnership
0%Oct 8, 2018 IFC’s Pioneering Komodo Green Bond Raises $134 Million for Climate Investments in Indonesia
0%Oct 5, 2018 IFC’s $3.4 Billion Investment in East Asia and the Pacific to Develop Infrastructure, Steer Green Growth, and Provide Over Half a Million Jobs
0%Oct 2, 2018 IFC Becomes First Development Institution to Make TCFD Disclosure on Climate Risk
0%Sept 7, 2018 IFC Continues to Support Lao PDR to Improve Investment Climate, Promote Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
0%Aug 3, 2018 IFC invests $100 million in SSIA to support Subang Smart and Sustainable Industrial Estate and pledges to boost tourism investment in Indonesia
0%July 15, 2018 IFC Issues First Sterling Green Bond, Raising 350 million Pounds for Climate-Smart Solutions
0%June 28, 2018 New IFC-Canada Partnership Expected to Spur Significant Private Investment in Climate Solutions
0%June 7, 2018 TMB Issues Thailand’s First Green Bond for $60 Million
0%June 7, 2018 IFC and MAS Partner to Accelerate Growth of Green Bond Asset Class in Asia
0%June 5, 2018 IFC and Bank of Lao PDR Join to Discuss the Benefits of Green Credit Policy
0%June 4, 2018 IFC, BIX Capital Partner to Finance Climate-Smart Appliances for Low-Income African Households
0%May 29, 2018 Luxembourg Provides €1 Million to IFC Program to Support New Markets for Climate Finance
0%May 17, 2018 World Bank Group’s Investment Policy Expert to Join the Mongolia Economic Forum
0%May 7, 2018 IFC Partners with YCDC to Reform Yangon’s Construction Permit System
0%Apr 21, 2018 EU, IFC, Germany Partner to Establish New Fund, Support Energy Efficiency in Ukraine
0%Apr 20, 2018 IFC and Mongolian Government Conclude Capacity Building Workshops, Aiming to Draw More Foreign Investment
0%Apr 11, 2018 Grace à Scaling Solar, le Sénégal obtient l’un des tarifs les plus bas en Afrique pour la production d’électricité
0%Apr 10, 2018 Senegal Scaling Solar tender produces one of the lowest electricity costs in Africa
0%Mar 23, 2018 IFC Subscribes to Banco Galicia’s US$100 million Green Bond to Finance Projects Mitigating Climate Change in Argentina
0%Mar 20, 2018 Building Momentum for the Green Bond Market
0%Jan 31, 2018 IFC and Canada Announce Blended Finance Partnership to Expand Renewable Energy in Africa
0%Jan 16, 2018 IFC Supports Jordan’s Largest Renewable Energy Project with Landmark Financing Package
0%Dec 20, 2017 IFC Financing Advances Record-Setting Scaling Solar Project in Zambia
0%Dec 12, 2017 Sowing Seeds of a Bright Future For Burkinabe Cotton Farmers
0%Dec 11, 2017 IFC and Green Climate Fund Team Up to Boost Climate-Smart Investment in Emerging Markets
0%Nov 29, 2017 IFC Analysis Points to $3.4 trillion in Climate-Smart Investment Opportunities in South Asia
0%Nov 27, 2017 IFC Encourages More Investments in Green Buildings and Marks Progress of Green Building Sector
0%Nov 18, 2017 IFC Continues Partnership with Ciputra Residence to Promote Green Buildings and Tackle Indonesia’s Affordable Housing Deficit
0%Nov 16, 2017 Feature Story: A Green Bond to Help Fiji Secure a Greener Future
0%Nov 13, 2017 IFC Promotes Climate-Smart Investments in China, Expanding the Markets for Sustainable Business Solutions
0%Nov 2, 2017 IFC Report Finds Policy Reforms, Innovation Can Unlock Trillions in Climate Finance
0%Nov 2, 2017 IFC Report Finds Policy Reforms, Innovation Can Unlock Trillions in Climate Finance
0%Nov 2, 2017 Un rapport d'IFC démontre que les réformes politiques et l'innovation permettraient de débloquer des milliards de dollars en termes de financement climatique
0%Oct 12, 2017 IFC and Finland Announce New Partnership to Address Climate Change
0%July 27, 2017 IFC Launches First Green Kauri Bond in New Zealand Dollars to Support Climate-Smart Investments
0%July 27, 2017 UMFCCI to Take Forward the IFC-supported Secretariat for Dialogue on Private Sector Issues
0%July 25, 2017 IFC Lends $100 Million to Promote Energy Efficient Glass Production in Brazil and Poland
0%July 19, 2017 IFC Helps Mongolia Strengthen Investment-Climate Reform and Restore Investor Confidence
0%July 18, 2017 IFC-convened Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium to Make 20 percent of India’s New Homes Green
0%May 10, 2017 IFC and The Nature Conservancy Call for a New Approach to Achieve Sustainable Hydropower
0%Apr 4, 2017 IFC and HM Partner to Boost the Use of Renewable Energy in the Garment Sector
0%Feb 23, 2017 IFC Introduces Innovative Study to Protect Biodiversity, Spur Sustainable Investment in Renewable Energy in Jordan and MENA
0%Feb 21, 2017 Zambia Signs Second Scaling Solar Mandate to Develop Another 500 MW of Renewable Energy
0%Jan 31, 2017 IFC and MIGA Back New Cost Effective, Eco-Friendly Power Plant In Jordan to Meet Growing Power Demand
0%Jan 5, 2017 IFC Invests in Hero Future Energies to Significantly Scale Up Renewable Capacity in India
0%Oct 7, 2016 IFC, Nespresso, BioCarbon Fund Help Coffee Farmers Boost Productivity and Climate Resilience in Ethiopia and Kenya
0%Sept 6, 2016 G20 calls on IFC-supported Sustainable Banking Network to ‘green’ trillions in global finance
0%Aug 11, 2016 BMR Today Inaugurates Jamaica’s Largest Private Sector Wind Farm
0%Aug 2, 2016 IFC Provides $150 Million For Central America’s First Integrated Liquefied Natural Gas Facility
0%June 22, 2016 IFC Event Supports Financial Technology (FinTech) Startups in Turkey
0%June 14, 2016 IFC Rallies Private Sector in Latin America to Spur Investments to Combat Climate Change
0%June 13, 2016 Scaling Solar’s First Auction in Zambia Sets New Regional Benchmark for Low-Cost Solar Power
0%June 9, 2016 IFC, EBRD and UniCredit amending and refinancing of AKCEZ loan helps increase efficiency of Turkish power distribution
0%June 6, 2016 Leaning on IFC’s EDGE, Bouygues Bâtiment International Commits to Greening 80% of Its New Construction in Emerging Markets by 2020
0%May 24, 2016 Cleaner Production in Pakistan Would Save Money and Energy: IFC-Funded Study
0%Apr 14, 2016 IFC Invests in PNB Housing Finance to Expand Green Financing and Sustainable Housing
0%Mar 22, 2016 IFC, Canada Invest in Sri Lanka’s Richard Pieris Distributors to Support Green Retail Growth, Create Jobs
0%Mar 21, 2016 World Bank Group’s Scaling Solar to give Madagascar a Clean Power boost
0%Feb 3, 2016 A New CEO-led Consortium to Drive Sustainability in India’s Housing Sector
0%Jan 16, 2016 IFC Supports India’s Madhya Pradesh State to Develop World’s Largest Single-Site Solar Power Project
0%Dec 7, 2015 IFC Hosts a CEO Panel at COP21 to Discuss Climate-Smart Investments in Emerging Markets
0%Dec 4, 2015 Joint Communication on a Revised Proposal for Green Bond Impact Reporting Harmonization
0%Nov 17, 2015 IFC Green Bond Program Raises $4.3 Billion for Climate-Smart Investments in Emerging Markets
0%Oct 20, 2015 IFC Provides Training to Help Promote Insolvency Resolution in Vietnam
0%Sept 22, 2015 Premier Certification Providers to Help Expand IFC’s EDGE to Nearly 100 Countries
0%July 29, 2015 IFC invests USD 22 million in Companhia do Vale do Araguaia to support sustainable management of teak plantation in Brazil
0%June 24, 2015 IFC, Ecom, Starbucks, IDB Partner to Help Nicaraguan Farmers Combat Coffee Rust Disease
0%June 4, 2015 IFC-supported Study Confirms Climate Change Risks for Investors, Points to New Opportunities
0%May 14, 2015 IFC and Green Building Council Launch EDGE in Costa Rica to Support Sustainable Construction
0%Apr 1, 2015 IFC, Shell Foundation Invest in responsibility Fund to Support Access to Energy in Africa, Asia
0%Mar 13, 2015 IFC Supports Large-Scale Solar Power Facility in South Africa
0%Jan 28, 2015 IFC $400 Million Financing Helps Itaú Unibanco Support Climate-Friendly Projects in Brazil
0%Nov 25, 2014 IFC, CREDAI Promote Green Buildings in India through EDGE Certification
0%Oct 31, 2014 World Bank Group’s Enterprise Survey Shows Scope for Reforms to Promote Private Sector Development in Myanmar
0%Oct 13, 2014 IFC provides BRL 67 million to Banco Caixa Geral to Support Climate Change Mitigation in Brazil
0%Sept 8, 2014 IFC Supports the Establishment of Myanmar Business Forum to Improve Investment Climate
0%Aug 28, 2014 IFC Awards Canopus with the First EDGE Green Building Certification in Brazil
0%July 24, 2014 IFC and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) bolster investment in IHS Fund II to promote sustainable housing in South Africa
0%July 18, 2014 IFC Invests in Aihuishou to Support the Reuse and Recycling of Electronic Devices in China
0%July 18, 2014 IFC 投资爱回收,支持中国电子设备回收再利用
0%Dec 20, 2013 IFC Works with Myanmar Government to Generate Investment and Improve Business Environment
0%Nov 27, 2013 IFC Finalizes $221 Million Debt Package for Ground-Breaking Wind Farm in Jordan
0%Nov 27, 2013 إستثمارات بقيمة 221 مليون دولار من مؤسسة التمويل الدولية لدعم مشروع لطاقـة الريـاح في الأردن
0%Nov 20, 2013 SunEdison, IFC and OPIC close US$100.4MM Project Financing Arrangement for the Largest Merchant Solar Plant in Latin America
0%Nov 1, 2013 IFC Sees up to $1 Trillion Climate-Related Investment Potential in EMENA
0%Oct 22, 2013 Jean-Philippe Prosper, IFC Vice-President, pledges increased support to the private sector in Benin, by promoting access to finance and improving business climate
0%Sept 5, 2013 IFC Invests in Hybrid-Seed Development to Promote Agricultural Efficiency in Emerging Markets
0%Sept 3, 2013 IFC Hits Record Investment, Advisory Volume to Promote Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Investment commitments reach $5.3 billion, with projects targeting infrastructure, entrepreneurs, farmers and the health sector
0%Aug 6, 2013 IFC Ramps Up Work in Morocco, Helping Drive Economic Growth
0%July 29, 2013 IFC Helps Azerbaijan’s Bank Respublika Boost Investments in Energy Efficiency
0%July 24, 2013 IFC Helps Develop Renewable Energy in Russian Far East
0%July 16, 2013 IFC and World Green Building Council Announce Global Partnership to Accelerate Green Building Growth
0%July 11, 2013 IFC Finances Azure’s Rooftop Solar India Project, Boosts Clean Energy Access
0%July 8, 2013 IFC and the World Green Building Council Announce Global Partnership to Accelerate Green-Building Growth
0%May 28, 2013 Masdar and IFC Seek to Join Forces on Renewable Energy Investment
0%May 23, 2013 IFC, Moroccan Clean Production Center Help Businesses Save Energy, Reduce Waste
0%May 22, 2013 IFC and Asobancaria Promote Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Finance in Colombia
0%May 21, 2013 IFC Helps Russian Homeowners Finance Energy Efficiency Renovations
0%May 20, 2013 IFC Invests in Meat Producer Axzon to Help Company Expand
0%Apr 30, 2013 IFC Offers Support to Businesses in Central Region of Lao PDR
0%Apr 19, 2013 IFC, Chinese Bank Launch Program to Reduce Climate Change through the Private Sector
0%Apr 5, 2013 IFC and FT to Host Green Business Event in Turkey
0%Mar 27, 2013 IFC Supports Renewable Energy Projects in Russia’s Far East
0%Mar 27, 2013 IFC Supports Timor-Leste’s Chamber of Commerce to Improve Business Environment
0%Mar 25, 2013 IFC and Bank of Nanjing Champion Low-Carbon Economic Growth among Smaller Businesses
0%Mar 20, 2013 IFC, Russian Development Bank Expand Energy Efficiency Lending, Fight Climate Change
0%Mar 12, 2013 IFC, Canada, and Credins Bank Support Environmentally Friendly Projects in Albania
0%Dec 13, 2012 IFC Lends $18.5 Million to CHG-MERIDIAN Mexico to Expand Green-Product Leasing
0%Nov 28, 2012 IFC Helps Russian Regions to Develop Renewable Energy and Address Climate Change
0%Nov 24, 2012 IFC, Egypt’s Ministry of Justice Support Judicial Reforms, Helping Businesses in Debt
0%Nov 6, 2012 Two Mexican Companies Awarded IFC’s First EDGE Certificates for Green Building Projects
0%Oct 9, 2012 IFC Invests $75 Million in BBVA Continental to Support Renewable Energy and Housing in Peru
0%Sept 20, 2012 IFC Supports Thailand’s Ministry of Energy to Promote Clean Energy Development
0%Aug 20, 2012 IFC to Help Russia’s Tomsk Region Develop Renewable Energy, Cut Energy Costs and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
0%July 11, 2012 IFC Helps Timor-Leste Learn from Malaysia’s Experience in Encouraging Business Start-Ups
0%June 26, 2012 IFC, Canada, and HSBC Support Environmentally Friendly Projects in Armenia
0%June 15, 2012 2012 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards Winners Announced
0%June 1, 2012 IFC Signs Up New Philippine Bank Partner in Sustainable Energy Finance
0%Apr 30, 2012 IFC Concludes First Rooftop Solar Project, to Replicate Five More in India
0%Apr 27, 2012 IFC Helps Bhutan Simplify Business Licensing, Saving Costs and Boosting Investment
0%Apr 27, 2012 IFC Debuts Green Bond in U.S. Market, Raising $500 Million for Climate-Friendly Investments in Emerging Markets
0%Apr 20, 2012 Most Georgian Entrepreneurs View Their Business Environment Positively, IFC Survey Finds
0%Mar 27, 2012 IFC Works With Mexican Financial Institutions to Find Ways to Expand Clean-Energy Financing
0%Mar 5, 2012 IFC Subscribes Singaporean $6.3 Million Warrants in C&G, Supporting Renewable Energy Development in China
0%Mar 5, 2012 IFC认购创冠环保630万新元购股权证,以支持中国可再生能源的发展
0%Feb 24, 2012 IFC Helps Moldova Improve Agribusiness Regulations, Boosting Investment and Growth
0%Feb 8, 2012 Vietnam’s Private Sector Takes Greater Role in IFC-supported Business Dialogue
0%Jan 27, 2012 IFC, UK Government Invest in IFC Climate Catalyst Fund for Green Projects
0%Jan 15, 2012 IFC Builds Mediation Network to Support Private Sector in the Middle East & North Africa
0%Nov 11, 2011 IFC Helps Seychelles Promote Cleaner Production, Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels
0%Nov 4, 2011 IFC Urges Ukraine Push on Regulatory Reform to Boost Economic Growth
0%Oct 17, 2011 IFC Corporate Governance Tool to Help Kyrgyz Banks Improve Risk Management
0%Oct 5, 2011 IFC, EBRD Conduct Market Study in Turkey to Help Businesses Adapt to Climate Change
0%Sept 14, 2011 IFC Signs Three Partnerships to Increase Access to Business Training in West Africa
0%Aug 23, 2011 IFC, Switzerland Help Egypt Ease Business Regulations, Boosting Economy and Job Growth
0%July 28, 2011 IFC Launches Business Edge Training Program in Burkina Faso to Support SME Growth
0%July 28, 2011 IFC lance le Programme de formation Business Edge au Burkina Faso afin de favoriser le développement des PME
0%July 12, 2011 IFC and World Bank Partner to Support Business Skills Training in Mozambique
0%June 3, 2011 IFC Helps Launch ARZ Building Rating System in Lebanon, Addressing Climate Change
0%May 31, 2011 IFC Starts Operations of €150 Million Carbon Fund to Promote Climate-Friendly Investments
0%May 25, 2011 IFC and Azerbaijan Promote Best Practices in Business Inspections, Boosting Economic Growth
0%May 12, 2011 IFC to Help Russia Improve Energy Efficiency and Develop Renewable Energy Market
0%Feb 28, 2011 South Sudan, Donor and IFC Partnership Supports Development of Vibrant Private Sector
0%Feb 15, 2011 Climate Change May Cost Institutional Investors Trillions of Dollars, Finds IFC-Supported Study
0%Feb 8, 2011 IFC Helps Papua New Guinea Advance Mediation to Resolve Disputes Faster
0%Feb 2, 2011 IFC Launches €150 Million Carbon Credit Fund to Promote Climate-Friendly Economic Growth
0%Dec 6, 2010 IFC Mobilizes $150 Million to Support Clean Wind-Power Development in China