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79%Dec 13, 2018 Private Sector Companies in Sri Lanka That Provide Childcare Support Gain Significant Business Benefits, Finds IFC’s New Report
79%Dec 5, 2018 Seven brands come on board as IFC launches second phase of campaign for clean textile
79%Nov 29, 2018 IFC Report Identifies More Than $29 Trillion in Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities by 2030
79%Nov 16, 2018 Nepal Can Boost Growth by Bolstering Private Sector in Five Key Sectors, World Bank/IFC Study Finds
79%Nov 7, 2018 IFC, SME Finance Forum Honor 15 Firms That Are Helping Close a $5.2 Trillion Financing Gap
79%Oct 11, 2018 IFC invests $20 Million in Omera Petroleum to enhance LPG access in Bangladesh
79%Oct 4, 2018 IFC to Help Retail Clothing Brand, Gap Inc. Pakistan, Improve Resource Efficiency
79%July 3, 2018 IFC invests $100 million in Mahindra Finance for loans to farmers
79%June 5, 2018 IFC Invests in PickMe to Improve Access to Affordable Transportation in Sri Lanka
79%May 30, 2018 IFC Training Boosts Supervisory Roles for Women in Bangladesh’s Garments Sector
79%May 28, 2018 IFC, NRB Release Guidelines to Help Banks Manage Environmental and Social Lending Risks in Nepal
79%May 2, 2018 IFC invests in Melwa Hotels to Boost Tourism Infrastructure in Sri Lanka
79%Apr 25, 2018 IFC Partners with MAS Holdings to Improve Water, Energy and Resource Efficiency
79%Apr 5, 2018 IFC Invests in Senkadagala Finance, in partnership with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, to Increase Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs
79%Mar 26, 2018 IFC-Government of Bangladesh Hold Workshop on Transport Public-Private Partnerships
79%Mar 16, 2018 IFC, Amundi Successfully Close World’s Largest Green Bond Fund
79%Mar 7, 2018 IFC and Colombo Stock Exchange Partner to Ring the Bell for Gender Equality
79%Jan 18, 2018 IFC Launches its USD Global Benchmark Issue, Raising $2 Billion to Support Private Sector in Developing Countries
79%Jan 9, 2018 IFC, Central Bank Partner to Create a National Strategy to Spur Financial Inclusion in Sri Lanka
79%Jan 2, 2018 IFC Supports Punjab Government Efforts to Boost Infrastructure Services through PPPs
79%Nov 29, 2017 IFC Analysis Points to $3.4 trillion in Climate-Smart Investment Opportunities in South Asia
79%Nov 28, 2017 IFC, Partners Strengthen Corporate Governance Practices in Sri Lankan Family-Owned Businesses
79%Nov 3, 2017 Comprehensive New Data Reassesses the MSME Finance Gap in Developing Countries
79%Nov 2, 2017 IFC Report Finds Policy Reforms, Innovation Can Unlock Trillions in Climate Finance
79%Nov 2, 2017 Un rapport d'IFC démontre que les réformes politiques et l'innovation permettraient de débloquer des milliards de dollars en termes de financement climatique
79%Oct 11, 2017 IFC Helps Structure India’s First Hybrid-Annuity PPP For Sewage Treatment, Boosts National Clean Ganga Mission
79%Oct 5, 2017 IFC invests in Fullerton India Masala Bonds, Enhances Access to Finance for MSMEs in India
79%Oct 4, 2017 IFC, Bangladesh Bank Share Learning on Sustainable Finance with Central Banks of Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria
79%Sept 5, 2017 IFC Invests $10 million in Power2SME, Supports its Expansion Across India
79%Aug 31, 2017 IFC Invests in Nations Trust Bank to Increase Financing to Small Businesses, Create Jobs
78%Aug 9, 2017 IFC Invests $100 million in Commercial Bank to Boost Green Financing in Sri Lanka
78%July 25, 2017 IFC Partners with Commercial Bank of Ceylon to Improve Access to Green Financing in Sri Lanka
78%July 20, 2017 IFC Invests in Aavas Financiers to Extend Affordable Housing Loans to Low-Income Borrowers in India
78%July 18, 2017 IFC-convened Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium to Make 20 percent of India’s New Homes Green
78%July 12, 2017 IFC and Excelerate Energy Secure Financing for Bangladesh’s First Liquefied Natural Gas Project
78%July 6, 2017 IFC Subscribes to First Market-approved Green Bond Issued by L&T Infrastructure Finance, Boosts Solar Financing in India
0%June 13, 2017 First IFC Swap Facility in Sri Lanka Helps Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC Hedge Interest-Rate Risk
0%June 12, 2017 IFC Doubles Investment for Business Oxygen to help Nepal’s Small Businesses Improve Climate Resilience
0%June 9, 2017 2017 FT/IFC TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED WorldRemit awarded overall prize for Excellence in Transformational Business
0%May 31, 2017 Central Bank, IFC Partner to Promote Sustainable and Inclusive Finance in Sri Lanka
0%May 8, 2017 IFC and JICA to Support $1.5 Billion in Projects to Modernize Infrastructure in Emerging Markets
0%May 4, 2017 Nepal Rastra Bank, IFC Partner to Promote Sustainable and Inclusive Finance
0%Apr 21, 2017 IFC, Amundi to Create World’s Largest Green-Bond Fund Dedicated to Emerging Markets
0%Apr 18, 2017 World Bank Group welcomes the GSMA to Universal Financial Access Initiative
0%Apr 17, 2017 India’s Solar Ambitions Get Major Boost with Close of 750MW Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Park
0%Apr 11, 2017 IFC Calls for Greater Participation of Women for Development
0%Apr 6, 2017 IFC, Government of Australia Partner to Support More and Better Jobs for Women in Sri Lanka
0%Apr 4, 2017 IFC and HM Partner to Boost the Use of Renewable Energy in the Garment Sector
0%Mar 29, 2017 JICA joins IFC, others to support Bangladesh Address Electricity Generation Needs
0%Mar 23, 2017 IFC, WellDoc, and Max Healthcare Launch an Innovative App in India to Improve Diabetes Care
0%Mar 9, 2017 IFC Joins BSE to ‘Ring the Bell’ to promote Gender Equality in India
0%Mar 9, 2017 IFC Joins Colombo Stock Exchange to ‘Ring the Bell’ for Gender Equality in Sri Lanka
0%Mar 1, 2017 Government of Sri Lanka, IFC to Develop Sustainable Finance Roadmap to Promote Green and Inclusive Finance
0%Feb 21, 2017 Women in Management, IFC Launch Seventh Professional and Career Women Awards 2017
0%Jan 31, 2017 IFC Joins International Initiative to Boost Access to Information
0%Jan 5, 2017 IFC Invests in Hero Future Energies to Significantly Scale Up Renewable Capacity in India
0%Dec 21, 2016 IFC Provides $165 Million Financing Package to Help Meet Bangladesh’s Energy Needs
0%Dec 2, 2016 IFC and BSE Launch Scorecard Tool to Promote Governance Improvements in India
0%Dec 1, 2016 IFC invests in India’s Apollo Health to Increase Access to Quality Healthcare
0%Dec 1, 2016 World Bank Group Doubles Coalition of Partners Committed to Universal Financial Access
0%Nov 28, 2016 IFC and Boulder Institute Convene Global Microfinance Industry Leaders to Raise Standards, Improve Risk Management
0%Nov 15, 2016 FT and IFC launch fourth Transformational Business Awards
0%Nov 7, 2016 IFC Study Finds Climate Pact Helped Open Up $23 Trillion in Emerging-Market Opportunities
0%Oct 31, 2016 IFC Issues Innovative $152 Million Bond to Protect Forests and Deepen Carbon-Credit Markets
0%Oct 14, 2016 IFC Client Azure Power is First Indian Renewable Energy Company to List on a U.S. Stock Exchange
0%Oct 5, 2016 IFC Launches New Platform to Mobilize $5 Billion for Infrastructure Investments in Emerging Markets
0%Sept 22, 2016 IFC Helps Regency Hospital to Expand Quality Healthcare in India’s Frontier Markets
0%Sept 8, 2016 IFC, IFC Emerging Asia Fund, and EMA Power Invest $175.5 million in Summit Group to Grow Bangladesh’s Power-Generation Capacity
0%Sept 1, 2016 IFC’s PaCT Partners with Levi Strauss to Reduce Water, Energy, Chemical Use in Textiles Factories
0%Aug 9, 2016 Sri Lanka’s Hela Clothing joins IFC’s Trade Supplier Finance Program to Support Apparel Industry
0%July 21, 2016 IFC, Sampath Bank Boost Trade Finance for Small Businesses in Sri Lanka
0%June 16, 2016 IFC, MASTERCARD TEAM UP TO EXPAND CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS BY SMALL BUSINESSES New facility to target five million micro, small and medium enterprises
0%June 15, 2016 IFC’s New Accelerator Program Promotes Adoption of Health Technology Innovations in India
0%May 16, 2016 IFC and ADM Capital Launch New Platform to Advance Asian Emerging Markets, Turnaround SMEs and Save Jobs
0%May 4, 2016 Women in Management, IFC Partner to Celebrate Professional Sri Lankan Women
0%Apr 21, 2016 IFC approves $175 million loan for Olam to expand food processing and opportunities for small-scale farmers
0%Apr 18, 2016 IFC and GAFSP Invest $9 million to Help Small Farmers Develop Hazelnut Industry in Bhutan
0%Apr 14, 2016 IFC Invests in PNB Housing Finance to Expand Green Financing and Sustainable Housing
0%Apr 5, 2016 IFC, YES Bank, and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Partner to Lend to Women-Owned Businesses in India
0%Apr 4, 2016 IFC Opens London Markets to Commemorate Longest-dated Masala Bond
0%Mar 22, 2016 IFC, Canada Invest in Sri Lanka’s Richard Pieris Distributors to Support Green Retail Growth, Create Jobs
0%Mar 22, 2016 IFC Invests in Indian Online Grocery Company to Improve its Food Supply Chains, Support Farmers, and Small Businesses
0%Mar 16, 2016 IFC Issues Historic 15-Year Masala Bond, Highlighting Long-Term Investor Confidence in India
0%Mar 3, 2016 Off-Grid Energy Solutions Present a $3 Billion Market Opportunity for Investors, New Report Finds
0%Mar 1, 2016 IFC Launches Innovative Masala Bond to Mobilize Japanese Savings for India’s Private Sector
0%Feb 9, 2016 IFC Becomes First Corporate to Reissue Maharaja Bonds, Supporting India's Domestic Capital Markets
0%Feb 8, 2016 IFC Supports India’s Odisha State to Develop India’s Largest Multi-hospital Public-Private Partnership Program
0%Feb 4, 2016 IFC and BSE collaborate to develop India’s first Corporate Governance Scorecard
0%Feb 3, 2016 A New CEO-led Consortium to Drive Sustainability in India’s Housing Sector
0%Jan 16, 2016 IFC Supports India’s Madhya Pradesh State to Develop World’s Largest Single-Site Solar Power Project
0%Jan 13, 2016 IFC Launches TechEmerge, to Accelerate the Adoption of Health Technology Innovations in Emerging Markets
0%Dec 21, 2015 FT and IFC Launch Third Transformational Business Awards
0%Dec 7, 2015 IFC Hosts a CEO Panel at COP21 to Discuss Climate-Smart Investments in Emerging Markets
0%Nov 26, 2015 IFC, Bank of Luoyang and Goldman Sachs Foundation Partner to Expand Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs in China
0%Nov 11, 2015 Philippe Le Houérou Named EVP and CEO of International Finance Corporation
0%Nov 9, 2015 IFC to Help Indian Companies Issue Masala Bonds
0%Oct 11, 2015 IFC Looking to Launch First Ever Offshore Taka Bond Program, Strengthening Bangladesh’s Capital Markets
0%Oct 1, 2015 IFC Appoints White Lotus as Fund Manager for ‘Business Oxygen’ to Support SME Growth in Nepal
0%Sept 22, 2015 Premier Certification Providers to Help Expand IFC’s EDGE to Nearly 100 Countries
0%Sept 14, 2015 IFC Expands Access to Affordable Quality-Assured Solar Products in Rural Rajasthan
0%Sept 7, 2015 IFC to Help SANASA Development Bank Grow, Reach More Small Businesses and Cooperatives in Rural Sri Lanka
0%Aug 3, 2015 IFC Issues First Green Masala Bond to Support Climate-Friendly Investments in India
0%July 9, 2015 IFC, GBCI Launch EDGE Green Building Certification in India, Boost Sustainable Construction
0%July 9, 2015 IFC Global Bond Raises $2.25 Billion for Private Sector Lending, Launches FY16 Borrowing Program
0%July 7, 2015 IFC Teams Up With Leading Banks, Buyers, to Improve Safety in Bangladesh Garment Factories
0%July 1, 2015 IFC Invests in Bhutan’s Zhiwa Ling Hotel, Supports Growth and Boosts Investments in Tourism
0%June 17, 2015 IFC Invests $35 million in PFS to Boost Renewable Energy Financing in India
0%June 11, 2015 2015 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards Winners Announced
0%June 10, 2015 IFC Partners with New Hope to Boost Agribusiness in South and Southeast Asia
0%June 4, 2015 IFC Disburses $3.8 million to Nepal’s Probiotech to Accelerate Post-Quake Recovery and Boost Farmer Incomes
0%June 4, 2015 IFC-supported Study Confirms Climate Change Risks for Investors, Points to New Opportunities
0%June 3, 2015 IFC Joins ADB and ISDB to Finance Summit’s Power Plant for Increased Access to Electricity in Bangladesh
0%May 28, 2015 IFC, FMO Invest in Nepal Hospitality and Hotel to Expand Access to Tourism Infrastructure
0%May 14, 2015 IFC’s Lighting Pakistan to Help Bring Affordable Solar Lighting to Millions
0%May 12, 2015 IFC Partners with Tata Value Homes to Boost Availability of Affordable Housing in India
0%Apr 29, 2015 IFC, IREDA Partner to Boost Financing for Renewable Energy Infrastructure in India
0%Apr 28, 2015 IFC, PTC India Financial Services Ltd. Collaborate to Boost Financing for Renewable Energy Projects
0%Apr 22, 2015 IFC Launches 16 Billion Indian Rupee Masala Bond, Reaching 99 Billion Rupee in Offshore Issuances
0%Apr 17, 2015 IFC and Mastercard Deepen Partnership to Boost Financial Inclusion
0%Apr 13, 2015 IFC invests in Planet Labs to improve access to emerging market satellite imagery
0%Apr 1, 2015 IFC, Shell Foundation Invest in responsibility Fund to Support Access to Energy in Africa, Asia
0%Mar 19, 2015 Campaign for Quality-Assured Solar Lighting in Rural India Launched
0%Mar 10, 2015 IFC Invests in India’s Eye-Q Vision to Expand Access to Quality Eye-care Services in Non-metros
0%Feb 24, 2015 IFC, Green Delta Crop Insurance for Farmers in Bangladesh to help Minimize Weather-related Losses
0%Jan 29, 2015 World Bank Group Launches “Scaling Solar” to Create Market for Solar Power in Africa
0%Jan 26, 2015 IFC Partners with Nepal’s NMB Bank to Boost Trade Finance Opportunities, Support Small Businesses
0%Dec 22, 2014 IFC, GMR Group Partner for Power Projects in Nepal to Unlock Hydro Potential and Promote Growth
0%Dec 8, 2014 VF, IFC Provide Financing to Bangladeshi Garment Factories for Improving Workplace Safety
0%Nov 25, 2014 IFC, CREDAI Promote Green Buildings in India through EDGE Certification
0%Nov 19, 2014 Rooftop Solar Technology Will Reduce Energy Poverty in Developing Countries: IFC White Paper
0%Nov 10, 2014 IFC Issues First Masala Bonds in London, Attracting International Investment for Infrastructure in India
0%Nov 4, 2014 The World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation and Levi Strauss & Co. Reward Garment Suppliers for stronger Labor, Environment, Health and Safety Performance First-of-its-kind program based on LS&Co.’s industry-leading supplier standards
0%Oct 29, 2014 South Asia Modernizing its Business Environment, World Bank Group Report Finds
0%Oct 29, 2014 Challenges Persist for Local Entrepreneurs, Despite India's Efforts to make Reform Improvements, Finds World Bank Group Report
0%Sept 23, 2014 IFC Debuts Maharaja Bonds, Attracting Foreign Investment and Setting Triple-A Benchmark for India's Domestic Capital Markets
0%Sept 18, 2014 IFC, PNB Housing to Expand Affordable Home Loans Availability Among Women, Self-employed in India
0%Sept 11, 2014 IFC Provides $50 million to Continuum Wind, Expands Access to Energy in India
0%Sept 3, 2014 IFC Invests $27.5 million in India’s Lucid Colloids to Support Small Guar Farmers
0%Sept 3, 2014 IFC, VF Corporation to Provide Up to $10 Million to Improve Fire, Building Safety in Bangladesh
0%Aug 28, 2014 IFC Invests in Nepal’s Probiotech to Boost Poultry Productivity, Farmer Incomes
0%Aug 25, 2014 IFC Invests in Cargills Foods to Create Jobs, Boost Farmer Incomes, Support Growth in Sri Lanka
0%Aug 20, 2014 IFC Launches $2.5 Billion Rupee-Financing Program to Strengthen India’s Capital Markets
0%Aug 19, 2014 IFC Invests in India’s SAMHI Hotels, Expands Access to Affordable Tourism Infrastructure
0%July 17, 2014 World Bank Group Helps India Develop Buddhist Circuit, Foster Tourism-led Inclusive Growth
0%June 25, 2014 IFC launches Trade Supplier Finance Facility for Bangladesh’s MBM Group, Boosts Trade Opportunities
0%June 25, 2014 IFC Invests in MAS, Supporting Sri Lanka’s Apparel Industry and Creating Jobs
0%June 24, 2014 IFC Concludes $200 Million Syndicated Financing to National Development Bank to Promote Financial Inclusion
0%June 22, 2014 IFC Aims to Ramp up Operations in Bangladesh, Increase Economic Competitiveness
0%June 12, 2014 IFC Invests in India’s NephroPlus to Improve Access to Quality Dialysis Services
0%June 4, 2014 IFC, Siddhartha Bank Boost Trade Opportunities for Small Businesses in Nepal
0%June 2, 2014 IFC, Nepal’s Financial Sector Discuss Risk Management Guidelines for Environment-friendly Banking
0%May 26, 2014 IFC’s $147.5 million Package to Jubilant Pharma to Expand Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals
0%Apr 27, 2014 IFC Supports IDLC Finance to Expand Access to Banking Services for Small Businesses in Bangladesh
0%Apr 22, 2014 IFC, Partners Focus on E-payment Systems for Inclusive Finance for India’s Low-income Households
0%Apr 10, 2014 IFC Completes Issuance of $1 Billion in Global Rupee Bonds, Attracting Foreign Investment to India
0%Apr 6, 2014 IFC, CEDB Support Nepal’s Gokarna Forest Resort to save Water, Energy
0%Apr 2, 2014 IFC Invests $20.2 Million in Regent Energy to Expand Access to Power in Bangladesh
0%Mar 31, 2014 IFC Financing to National Development Bank to Boost Financial Access in Sri Lanka
0%Mar 19, 2014 IFC, WB, EESL, BEE call for energy-efficient street lighting for safer cities
0%Mar 13, 2014 IFC Issues Largest Ever Offshore Rupee Bond, Supporting India’s Capital Markets
0%Mar 12, 2014 IFC Assists Dhaka City Authority to Implement Safe Building Standards
0%Mar 11, 2014 IFC Study Finds Sizeable Financing Gap for Women Entrepreneurs in India
0%Feb 18, 2014 IFC Invests in Senkadagala Finance to Expand Financing to Small Businesses
0%Feb 17, 2014 IFC Helps City Bank Improve Financing for Smaller Businesses in Bangladesh
0%Feb 12, 2014 IFC Invests in DBL Group, Provides Assistance for Improved Corporate Governance Practices
0%Feb 7, 2014 IFC Global Rupee Bond Nears $500 Million Mark, Bringing New Investors to India’s Capital Markets
0%Jan 27, 2014 IFC Increases Global Rupee Bond Issuance to Support India’s Capital Markets
0%Jan 16, 2014 IFC, JAAF Partner to Promote Energy Efficiency Measures for Sri Lanka’s Apparel Sector
0%Jan 14, 2014 IFC Doubles Global Rupee Bond Issuance to Support India’s Capital Markets
0%Dec 23, 2013 IFC’s $150 Million Financing to India’s YES Bank to Boost Lending to Women Entrepreneurs
0%Dec 18, 2013 IFC Provides $15 Million Loan to Parag, Supports Small Dairy Farmers in India
0%Dec 12, 2013 The Financial Times and IFC Launch Transformational Business Awards to Showcase Innovation
0%Dec 5, 2013 IFC Helps Improve Food Safety to Boost Tourism in Nepal
0%Nov 20, 2013 IFC Issues Inaugural Global Rupee Bond to Strengthen India’s Capital Markets
0%Nov 11, 2013 IFC Invests in Climate-Smart Batteries for Cell Phone Networks in Emerging Markets
0%Nov 6, 2013 IFC, Canada Lend $85 million to Dewan, Expand Affordable Housing Finance in India
0%Nov 6, 2013 IFC Provides MAS Active with Trade Supplier Finance, Supporting Sri Lanka’s Apparel Industry
0%Oct 29, 2013 World Bank Group Report Finds Nepal Made Starting a Business Faster and Easier
0%Oct 29, 2013 Reforms through Process Simplification and Automation make Business Start-ups easier in Bangladesh
0%Oct 29, 2013 Sri Lanka Leads South Asia in Ease of Doing Business
0%Oct 22, 2013 IFC Partners with ILO to Launch Better Work Program in Bangladesh, Improve Worker Safety
0%Oct 16, 2013 IFC Invests $136 Million in Sri Lanka, Doubles Investment Portfolio and Supports Inclusion
0%Oct 9, 2013 IFC Launches $1 Billion Bond Program to Strengthen India’s Capital Markets, Attract Foreign Investment
0%Oct 7, 2013 IFC Invests $1.38 Billion in India in Fiscal 2013, Supports Low Income States
0%Oct 4, 2013 IFC Supports Nepal for Enhanced Global Trade Competitiveness
0%Sept 25, 2013 IFC Partners Brandix to Launch Supplier Trade Finance Facility and Boost International Trade
0%Aug 27, 2013 IFC invests in Grameenphone to Expand Mobile Services in Bangladesh
0%Aug 15, 2013 IFC Reaffirms Assistance to Nepal’s Reform Process to Spur Economic Growth
0%Aug 6, 2013 IFC Invests in Avanse, Promotes Finance for Higher Education in India
0%July 11, 2013 IFC Finances Azure’s Rooftop Solar India Project, Boosts Clean Energy Access
0%June 6, 2013 IFC Supports Sustainable Banking Growth in Nepal through Improved Risk Management
0%June 4, 2013 IFC Study Identifies Significant Potential for Resource Efficiency in Sri Lankan Hotels
0%June 4, 2013 IFC, Axis Bank to Boost Trade Finance for Small Businesses in India
0%May 30, 2013 IFC supports plant to produce fuel tanks for compressed natural gas-powered vehicles in Thailand
0%May 29, 2013 IFC Reinvests in India's NSL Renewable Power, Helps Expand Access to Clean Energy
0%May 28, 2013 IFC Invests in Early Stage Indian Energy Efficiency Firm, Fosters Innovation
0%May 20, 2013 IFC Assists Nepal's Reform Process to Ease Regulations, Stimulate Private Investments
0%May 15, 2013 IFC Helps Banks Strengthen Trade Finance Expertise to Support Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs
0%Apr 17, 2013 IFC, TERI to Benchmark Quality Solar Products for Off-Grid, Low Income Consumers
0%Apr 11, 2013 IFC Invests $22 million in Ratnakar Bank, Expands Financing to Small Indian Businesses
0%Apr 11, 2013 IFC Renews Commitment to Private Sector, Capital Markets to Encourage Growth in Nepal
0%Apr 9, 2013 IFC Helps Banks Expand Financing for Small Businesses in Nepal
0%Apr 8, 2013 IFC Reinvests in Utkarsh, Expanding Microfinance Reach in India’s Low–Income States
0%Apr 8, 2013 IFC, Attero’s eWaste Recycling Solution to Integrate India’s Informal Sector
0%Mar 15, 2013 IFC Invests $28 million in Bhutan National Bank to Promote Inclusion, Small Businesses
0%Mar 5, 2013 IFC Study Finds Indian Small and Medium Enterprises have Huge Unmet Financing Demand
0%Mar 4, 2013 IFC Helps Odisha Boost Private Investments, Enhance Economic Opportunities for India’s Development
0%Feb 16, 2013 IFC Helps Indian State of Bihar Simplify Tax Compliance for Small Businesses
0%Feb 10, 2013 IFC Helps Automate Patent Registration to Boost Industrial Growth in Bangladesh
0%Feb 7, 2013 IFC Supports Faster and Easier Business Registration in Nepal to Spur Growth
0%Feb 1, 2013 IFC helps Sri Lankan Small Businesses Grow through Easier Access to Loans
0%Jan 31, 2013 IFC, Yes Bank to Establish Fund for Small Businesses in Northeast India
0%Jan 18, 2013 IFC Supports Reforms to Enhance Business Growth in Nepal
0%Jan 14, 2013 IFC, Other Development Institutions Pledge to Work Together to Address Job Creation
0%Dec 19, 2012 IFC Study Concludes Enhanced Financing for Women Entrepreneurs Can Boost Nepal’s Economy
0%Dec 6, 2012 IFC Supports Nepal to Develop Efficient National Payment Systems, Helps Small Businesses Grow
0%Nov 30, 2012 IFC Helps Nepal Scale up Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Infrastructure, Accelerating Growth
0%Nov 26, 2012 IFC Helps Simpa Scale up Mobile-Based Affordable Solutions for Clean Energy
0%Nov 7, 2012 IFC, Tata Group Partner to Drive Water Efficiency in Indian Industry
0%Oct 31, 2012 IFC, Citi Provide $1 Billion to Support Trade in Emerging Markets
0%Oct 29, 2012 IFC Helps India’s High Mark Strengthen Credit Reporting to Expand Microfinance Lending
0%Oct 23, 2012 World Bank & IFC Report Finds Developing Countries Made Significant Progress in Improving Business Regulations
0%Oct 18, 2012 IFC Helps Family Businesses in Bangladesh Strengthen Corporate Governance to Stay Competitive
0%Oct 15, 2012 IFC Trains Banks in Bangladesh to Step Up Support for Small and Medium Enterprises
0%Oct 14, 2012 IFC Helps Bangladesh Implement Mechanism to Make Regulations Efficient, Improving Governance
0%Oct 10, 2012 IFC Report Highlights WaterHealth International as a Business that Creates Opportunity at the Base of Pyramid
0%Oct 10, 2012 IFC Report Highlights Husk Power Systems as a Business that Creates Opportunity at the Base of Pyramid
0%Oct 10, 2012 IFC Report Highlights Suvidhaa Infoserve as a Business that Creates Opportunity at the Base of Pyramid
0%Sept 17, 2012 IFC Helps Bangladesh Expand Affordable Dialysis Service Through Public-Private Partnership
0%Sept 10, 2012 IFC Invests in Renewable Energy Fund to Help India Reduce Carbon Emissions
0%Sept 3, 2012 IFC Helps Small Poultry Farms Increase Productivity, Developing Sustainable Agribusiness
0%Aug 29, 2012 IFC Helps Sri Lankan Banks Strengthen Trade Finance Expertise, Boosting Entrepreneurs
0%Aug 27, 2012 IFC Helps India’s Jharkhand State Expand Public Healthcare through Private Investments
0%Aug 26, 2012 IFC Helps Nepal Introduce Licensing e-Portal to Stimulate Business Growth
0%Aug 22, 2012 IFC Helps Strengthen India’s Credit Framework, Expanding Small Businesses’ Access to Finance
0%Aug 15, 2012 IFC Helps Bhutan Introduce Licensing e-Portal to Spur Business Growth
0%Aug 8, 2012 IFC Helps Improve Banking Services for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India
0%July 20, 2012 IFC Supports Municipal Trade License Simplification to Boost Rural Business in Bangladesh
0%July 18, 2012 IFC Loan to Buddha Air to Improve Air Travel Connectivity in Nepal
0%July 17, 2012 IFC Trains Bankers to Help Strengthen Trade Finance in Nepal
0%July 10, 2012 IFC Lends €10 million to SAME DEUTZ-FAHR, Supporting Development of Agribusiness in India
0%June 28, 2012 IFC and Minda NexGenTech to Provide Off-Grid Lighting to One Million People in Rural India
0%June 28, 2012 IFC Invests $55 Million in Bangladesh’s City Bank to Fund Small Businesses
0%June 27, 2012 IFC, Nations Trust Bank Help Sri Lanka’s Small Businesses Become More Competitive
0%June 25, 2012 IFC Helps Vortex Expand ATM Network in India, Bringing Banking to Villages
0%June 22, 2012 World Bank Group Agencies Collaborate to Boost Investment in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas
0%June 21, 2012 IFC Study Finds Huge Market for Banking Services for Bangladeshi Garment Workers
0%June 15, 2012 2012 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards Winners Announced
0%June 13, 2012 Affordable Housing Finance Market in Bangladesh Huge and Viable, Finds IFC Study
0%June 11, 2012 IFC Helps Eastern Bank Offer Energy-Efficiency Financing in Bangladesh
0%June 11, 2012 Financial Times, IFC to Focus on Private Equity, Innovation at Sustainable Finance Conference
0%June 4, 2012 IFC Launches Off-Grid Lighting Program for Two Million People in Rural India
0%May 30, 2012 IFC Study Finds Significant Investment Potential for Sustainable Energy in Nepal
0%May 24, 2012 IFC, SEWA Promote Energy-Efficient Cook Stoves, Solar Lanterns for India’s Rural Women
0%May 21, 2012 World Bank Group Finds over 80 percent of Investment Promotion Agencies’ Efforts Falling Short
0%May 10, 2012 IFC Invests in SunEdison to Make Renewable Energy Cost-Effective in Emerging Markets
0%May 3, 2012 IFC Helps India’s Meghalaya State Extend Health Insurance to All
0%Apr 30, 2012 IFC Concludes First Rooftop Solar Project, to Replicate Five More in India
0%Apr 27, 2012 IFC Helps Bhutan Simplify Business Licensing, Saving Costs and Boosting Investment
0%Apr 25, 2012 IFC, SANASA Insurance Pilot Weather Index Insurance for Sri Lankan Farmers
0%Apr 19, 2012 IFC Helps PRAN Increase Processed Foods Availability in Bangladesh, Create Jobs
0%Apr 10, 2012 IFC Promotes Public-Private Partnerships to Develop Infrastructure in India
0%Apr 9, 2012 IFC Invests in India’s Snowman Logistics to Expand Storage Infrastructure, Promote Food Security
0%Apr 3, 2012 IFC Invests in Pragati Fund to Support Small Businesses in India’s Low-Income States
0%Apr 2, 2012 IFC Loans $75 Million to Yes Bank to Boost Small Businesses in India
0%Mar 28, 2012 IFC Recognizes Bangladesh Project for Empowering Women
0%Mar 27, 2012 IFC Trains Bankers to Help Strengthen Trade Finance in Sri Lanka
0%Mar 26, 2012 IFC Recognizes Indian Chemicals Maker Meghmani Finechem Limited for Promoting Gender Equality
0%Feb 29, 2012 IFC Helps Bangladesh Simplify Regional Regulations for Small Businesses, Boosting Economy
0%Feb 15, 2012 IFC Supports Pakistan Rice Producer, Helping Foster Economic Growth
0%Feb 13, 2012 IFC, ACCION Support Swadhaar to Expand Microfinance in India’s Urban Slums
0%Jan 30, 2012 IFC Invests in Mahindra Solar One in Rajasthan to Help Electrify Rural India
0%Jan 24, 2012 IFC Finds Significant Untapped Opportunities in Sustainable Energy Financing in Bangladesh
0%Jan 17, 2012 IFC Helps Bangladeshi Farmers Convert Waste to Electricity, Boosting Efficiency
0%Jan 10, 2012 IFC Helps Bangladeshi Family Businesses Strengthen Corporate Governance to Improve Sustainability, Competitiveness
0%Jan 9, 2012 IFC Supports Electronic Payments Provider FINO to Extend Financial Services to Millions in India
0%Dec 27, 2011 IFC Supports Utkarsh to Expand Microfinance Reach in Low-Income States of India
0%Dec 14, 2011 IFC Works with India’s Microfinance Institutions Network to Promote Greater Credit Reporting
0%Dec 14, 2011 IFC, Dialog Axiata Expand Partnership to Train 3,000 More Micro, Small Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka
0%Dec 13, 2011 IFC Works with Intellecash to Support New Microfinance Institutions in India’s Low-Income States
0%Dec 1, 2011 IFC Supports Ananya Finance to Expand Microcredit in Underserved States of India
0%Nov 28, 2011 IFC and Rural Microfinance Development Centre Set to Expand Microfinance Reach in Nepal
0%Nov 23, 2011 IFC Supports Database to Ease Access to Finances for Small and Medium Enterprises
0%Nov 22, 2011 IFC Helps Pakistani Bank Increase Lending to Small and Medium Enterprises
0%Nov 21, 2011 IFC, SEWA Promote Energy-Efficient Cook Stoves, Solar Lanterns for Rural Women in India
0%Oct 20, 2011 Sri Lanka Implements the Most Business Reforms Among Eight Economies in South Asia
0%Oct 17, 2011 IFC Official to Meet Stakeholders in Bangladesh, Deepen Engagement on Investment Climate
0%Oct 17, 2011 IFC Cleaner-Production Initiative Yields Significant Savings for Bangladeshi Textile Factories
0%Oct 3, 2011 IFC Provides Training to Help Poultry Farmers Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency
0%Oct 3, 2011 IFC Enhances Trade Finance Lines to Banks in Bangladesh, Affirms Continued Commitment
0%Sept 7, 2011 IFC Supports India’s Orissa State in Promoting Energy-Efficient Street Lighting
0%Aug 24, 2011 IFC and Bangladesh’s Top Business Association Cooperate to Strengthen Trade in South Asia
0%Aug 8, 2011 IFC Invests in Indian Biomass Company to Boost Power Supply, Cut Carbon Emissions
0%Aug 4, 2011 IFC Promotes Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Bangladesh, Helping Ensure Food Security
0%July 26, 2011 IFC Posts Record Results in Asia Pacific, Appoints First Asia-focused Vice President
0%July 21, 2011 IFC and Indian Industry Aim to Strengthen Trade in South Asia
0%July 19, 2011 IFC Launches Liquidity Facility in Bangladesh to Meet Critical Funding Needs of Smaller Businesses
0%July 18, 2011 IFC Helps Nepal Build Consensus to Promote Trade in South Asia
0%July 14, 2011 IFC Helps Improve Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Services in India
0%July 7, 2011 IFC Investment to Help Small-scale Farmers in India Improve Productivity
0%June 28, 2011 IFC Helps Expand Solar Power Generation Infrastructure in India’s Rajasthan State
0%June 23, 2011 IFC Trains Bankers to Improve Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladesh
0%June 22, 2011 IFC Loan Helps PRAN Group Expand, Contributing to Food Security in Bangladesh
0%June 9, 2011 IFC Supports India’s First Large-Scale Thin-Film Solar Plant to Promote Clean Energy
0%June 9, 2011 IFC Supports Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka through Wind-Power Projects
0%June 7, 2011 IFC, Netherlands Launch Joint Program in India to Promote Water Efficiency
0%June 6, 2011 IFC-EIB Financing Supports Landmark Fertilizer Plant in Jordan, Helping to Create Jobs and Boost Food Production
0%May 31, 2011 IFC Helps Improve the Lao PDR’s National Payment Systems to Sustain Economic Development
0%May 30, 2011 IFC Helps India Expand Agri-warehousing Infrastructure to Reduce Wastage, Promote Food Security
0%May 30, 2011 IFC, Partners Look to New Media to Better Help Small Businesses Globally
0%May 26, 2011 IFC Trains Indian Small and Medium Enterprises to Improve Efficiencies
0%May 23, 2011 IFC Helps Maldives Establish Efficient Waste Management Services through a Public-Private-Partnership
0%May 6, 2011 IFC Helps Nepal Develop E-Portal to Ease Business Requirements for Local Firms
0%May 3, 2011 IFC, PTC Financial Services Support Renewable-Energy Financing in India
0%Apr 21, 2011 IFC Invests in India’s Gamesa to Support Cost-effective Wind Turbine Assembly
0%Apr 20, 2011 IFC Invests in India’s Gamesa to Support Cost-effective Wind Turbine Assembly
0%Apr 17, 2011 IFC, Bangladesh Bank Introduce Risk-management Guidelines to Promote Environment-friendly Banking
0%Apr 11, 2011 IFC, WBI Honor Social Entrepreneurs at India Development Marketplace
0%Apr 4, 2011 IFC Provides US$30 Million to Engro Fertilizers to Support Development in Rural Parts of Pakistan
0%Mar 29, 2011 IFC, Union Bank of Colombo Boost Trade Opportunities for Sri Lankan Businesses
0%Mar 28, 2011 IFC Trade Finance Facility to Nepal’s Laxmi Bank to Support Small Businesses
0%Mar 28, 2011 IFC, Gates Foundation Work with India’s Bihar State to Improve Health Payments System
0%Mar 21, 2011 IFC Provides Business-Skills Training to Small Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
0%Mar 15, 2011 IFC, Microsave Report Supports Increase in Microsavings for India’s Low-Income Clients
0%Mar 15, 2011 IFC Invests in New Microfinance Bank to Help Pakistan’s Farmers Get Loans
0%Mar 10, 2011 IFC Helps Bangladesh Meet Development Priorities through Public-Private Partnerships
0%Mar 9, 2011 IFC, India’s Research Institute Identify Renewable-Energy Projects to Meet Growing Needs
0%Feb 17, 2011 IFC Helps India’s Chennai Metro Develop Mass-Transportation System to Benefit Citizens
0%Feb 14, 2011 IFC Designs Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to Track Development in Bangladesh
0%Feb 3, 2011 IFC Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Private Sector Development in Sri Lanka
0%Jan 31, 2011 IFC Supports Production of Weather-Resistant Seeds to Advance Food Security in Bangladesh
0%Jan 25, 2011 IFC and IFC Capitalization Fund Help VietinBank Improve Access to Finance for Small and Midsize Enterprises
0%Jan 24, 2011 IFC Investment in Vietnam’s An Binh Bank Promotes Financing for Small and Midsize Enterprises
0%Dec 22, 2010 IFC Supports Bangladesh’s Board of Investment in Simplifying Business Processes
0%Dec 16, 2010 IFC, Sri Lanka Banks’ Association Help Strengthen Corporate Governance Practices
0%Dec 14, 2010 IFC Helps Sri Lanka Meet Development Priorities through Public-Private Partnerships
0%Dec 14, 2010 IFC to Support Bhutan in Simplifying Business Licensing for Local Firms
0%Dec 9, 2010 IFC Helps Nepal Meet Development Priorities through Public-Private Partnerships
0%Dec 6, 2010 IFC Helps Bhutan Meet Development Priorities through Public-Private Partnerships
0%Dec 6, 2010 IFC and Eastern Bank Promote Sustainable-Energy Projects in Bangladesh
0%Dec 6, 2010 IFC Helps Improve Vietnam’s Financial Infrastructure to Expand Access to Credit
0%Dec 3, 2010 Cashew Processing Could Increase Earnings for Poor Cambodian Farmers, Shows IFC Study
0%Dec 3, 2010 IFC Helps Nepal Pick Up Pace in Improving Business Regulation for Local Firms
0%Nov 29, 2010 IFC Supports Affordable Satellite-Based Internet Access for Developing Countries
0%Nov 18, 2010 IFC’s Solar Energy Investment Helps Thailand Get More Power from Renewable Sources
0%Nov 7, 2010 IFC, SEAF Commit to Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises Growth in Bangladesh
0%Nov 4, 2010 India Among Economies Consistently Making it Easier for Local Firms to do Business
0%Nov 1, 2010 IFC Supports India’s Meghalaya State Expand Healthcare Services through PPP
0%Oct 31, 2010 IFC Reaffirms Confidence in Nepal’s Sustainable Growth
0%Oct 27, 2010 IFC, NHB, Rajasthan Government Help Expand Housing Finance to Low-Income Households in India
0%Oct 26, 2010 IFC, Central Bank of India Commit Business Support to India’s Priority States
0%Oct 12, 2010 IFC and OFID Join with Intesa Sanpaolo to Support Emerging-Market Trade Finance
0%Oct 8, 2010 IFC Award to India’s Jain Irrigation Highlights Development Benefits of Sustainable Water Use
0%Oct 8, 2010 IFC Invests $75 million in Xinjiang Goldwind, Helping to Reduce the Carbon-Intensity of China’s Energy Supply
0%Oct 7, 2010 IFC, BTMU Provide $150 Million to India’s Exim Bank to Enhance India-Africa Trade
0%Oct 2, 2010 IFC Helps Bangladesh Textile Industry Adopt Improved Environmental Standards
0%Sept 21, 2010 IFC Helps India Implement Public-Private Partnership Project in Distributed Solar Sector
0%Sept 3, 2010 IFC Commits to Promoting Inclusive Growth in Indian State of Rajasthan
0%Aug 12, 2010 IFC Trains Government Officials on Ways to Promote Business Investment in Bangladesh
0%July 29, 2010 IFC Partners with India’s Federal Bank to Support Small Businesses
0%July 28, 2010 IFC Helps Piaggio Expand Production of Eco-Friendly Vehicles in Asia
0%July 27, 2010 IFC Supports Brazil’s WEG in Building Manufacturing Plant in India
0%July 27, 2010 IFC Apoia a WEG do Brasil na Construção de uma Planta Industrial na Índia
0%July 19, 2010 IFC Helps India’s Andhra Pradesh State Expand Affordable Health Care Services through PPPs
0%July 8, 2010 IFC Reaffirms Commitment to Private Sector Growth in Bangladesh
0%July 8, 2010 IFC Helps Mobilize Mizuho Corporate Bank’s Financing for Transmission Project in India
0%July 6, 2010 IFC’s $20 Million Financing to Sri Lanka’s Asiri Hospitals Will Increase Health Service
0%July 2, 2010 IFC Helps Vicat Sagar Cement Promote Infrastructure and Housing Development in India
0%June 30, 2010 IFC’s $24 Million Zulekha Hospitals Financing Will Increase Access to Health Care in India
0%June 29, 2010 IFC helps Maldives Attract Private Investment to Modernize Malé Airport
0%June 24, 2010 IFC Partners NDB Bank to Expand Renewable Energy Project Financing in Sri Lanka
0%June 14, 2010 IFC Supports Nirdhan Utthan Bank to Help Serve Small Borrowers in Nepal
0%May 17, 2010 IFC Partners with Nepal Investment Bank to Enhance Trade Finance in Nepal
0%Apr 19, 2010 IFC Helps Nepal’s Clean Energy Development Bank Support Sustainable Energy Projects
0%Apr 12, 2010 IFC Launches $2 Billion Global Bond to Strong Demand from Investors Worldwide
0%Apr 11, 2010 IFC Encourages Investment Climate Research among University Students in Bangladesh
0%Apr 7, 2010 IFC, Bangladesh Bank, and Financial Institutions Join Forces to Combat Climate Change
0%Mar 31, 2010 IFC, IBEF Support Small Entrepreneurs in Rural India, with Investment in AU Financiers
0%Mar 30, 2010 IFC Supports Utkarsh Micro Finance, Helping Serve Small Borrowers in Northern India
0%Mar 24, 2010 IFC Helps Banks Learn about Financial Aspects of Hydropower and Renewable Energy
0%Mar 21, 2010 IFC Invests in Azure Power, India’s First Private Megawatt-scale Solar Developer
0%Mar 16, 2010 IFC, RDA to Strengthen Role of Women Seed Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
0%Mar 8, 2010 Improving the Investment Climate through Better E-Governance in Bangladesh
0%Mar 6, 2010 Improving the Investment Climate through Better E-Governance in Bangladesh
0%Feb 22, 2010 IFC Helps Government of Maldives Attract Private Investment to Modernize Malé Airport
0%Feb 4, 2010 IFC, The Netherlands Strengthen South Asian Bankers’ Trade Finance and Risk Management Skills
0%Feb 3, 2010 IFC Helps Second Private Seed Company in Bangladesh Improve Services to Farmers
0%Feb 2, 2010 IFC Support to Biomass Power Plant Helps India’s Auro Mira Energy Expand Renewable Projects
0%Feb 2, 2010 IFC Helps Second Private Seed Company in Bangladesh Improve Services to Farmers
0%Jan 29, 2010 IFC, World Bank Institute Help Banks Increase Small Business Access to Finance
0%Jan 28, 2010 IFC, World Bank Institute Help Banks Increase Small Business Access to Finance
0%Jan 27, 2010 IFC, NHB Help Sharpen Focus on Affordable Housing, Housing Finance in India
0%Jan 13, 2010 IFC to Assist Private Seed Companies in Bangladesh to Better Serve Farmers
0%Dec 18, 2009 IFC to Help Snowman Frozen Foods Modernize, Expand India’s Cold Storage Facilities
0%Dec 1, 2009 IFC to Help Spur Bhutan’s Economic Growth, Promote Private Sector Development
0%Nov 24, 2009 IFC Trains Bankers on Sustainable Energy Finance
0%Nov 24, 2009 IFC Supports Sustainable Energy Finance Initiatives for Economic Zones in Bangladesh
0%Nov 24, 2009 IFC Helps Nepal Plan Expanding Financial Services to Underserved Communities
0%Nov 23, 2009 IFC Financing Line to India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank to Support Small Business
0%Nov 16, 2009 IFC Helps India’s Kerala State Develop Port Infrastructure to Build Trade Capacity
0%Nov 12, 2009 IFC Helps Hand in Hand Build Microfinance Capacity to Lend to Women in India
0%Nov 5, 2009 IFC Supports Private Sector Growth and Investment Climate Reform in Bangladesh
0%Nov 4, 2009 IFC, Jain Irrigation Launch Footprint Initiative in India to Conserve Water
0%Nov 3, 2009 IFC Helps India’s Andhra Pradesh State Expand Affordable Health Care Services
0%Nov 2, 2009 IFC, Bangladesh Bank, and Financial Institutions Join Forces to Combat Climate Change
0%Oct 14, 2009 IFC’s $250 Million Loan Supports Development of India’s Domestic Energy Supplies
0%Oct 9, 2009 IFC Financing Supports Indian Chemical Company and Reduces Carbon Emissions
0%Oct 5, 2009 IFC-supported Business Cells to Help Small Enterprises Grow in Sri Lanka
0%Sept 8, 2009 Doing Business 2010: South Asia Picks Up Pace of Business Regulatory Reform
0%Sept 1, 2009 IFC to Help Maldives Improve Waste-Management Infrastructure
0%Aug 18, 2009 IFC to Help Modernize Maldives Airport to Sustain Tourism-based Economy
0%Aug 5, 2009 IFC Investing €135 million in Volkswagen India to Support Local Job Market
0%July 30, 2009 IFC and Partners Help Sharpen Media’s Corporate Governance Focus in India
0%July 28, 2009 IFC and Max India Partner to Increase Quality and Accessibility of Health Services in India
0%June 30, 2009 Doing Business in India 2009: [Reforms Promote Competitiveness and Growth in Indian Cities</a></td>]
0%June 25, 2009 IFC, World Bank Help Indian State of Bihar Make Agribusiness More Competitive
0%June 25, 2009 IFC-WRI Reports Highlight Pressing Environmental Risks Facing Investors and Companies in Emerging Asia
0%June 18, 2009 IFC, BTMU Provide $60 Million to India Exim Bank to Support Trade by Small Businesses
0%June 18, 2009 IFC’s Investment in India’s Apollo Hospitals Will Increase Access to Health Services
0%June 12, 2009 IFC Partners with Bank of Bhutan to Expand Trade Opportunities
0%June 4, 2009 IFC and CBC to Help Sri Lanka Boost Renewable Energy Projects
0%June 2, 2009 IFC Partners with Himalayan Bank to Enhance Trade Finance in Nepal
0%Apr 28, 2009 IFC Supports Tata Tea to Create Employee-Owned Tea Plantation in Northeast India
0%Mar 20, 2009 IFC Helps Sri Lankan Banks Manage Risk in Tough Times
0%Mar 17, 2009 IFC Helps Bangladeshi Banks Manage Risk in Tough Times
0%Mar 17, 2009 IFC to Help Bangladesh’s PRAN Group Modernize and Expand Opportunities for Farmers
0%Mar 13, 2009 IFC Helps Indian Banks Manage Risk in Tough Times
0%Mar 4, 2009 IFC, Private Sector Explore Ways to Create Opportunity for India’s Small Entrepreneurs
0%Mar 3, 2009 IFC Helps Strengthen Corporate Governance Practices in India
0%Mar 2, 2009 IFC Finances Shangri-La Resort Hotel to Spur Development in Southern Maldives
0%Feb 19, 2009 IFC to Help Bhutan’s Drukair Offer Improved, Affordable Services to Passengers
0%Feb 17, 2009 IFC, WaterHealth to Help India’s Rural Poor Access Affordable Drinking Water
0%Jan 24, 2009 IFC, VenturEast, and BYST Set Up Fund to Support Grassroots Entrepreneurship in India
0%Jan 21, 2009 IFC Helps Develop University in Rural Gujarat, India, to Create Skilled Workforce
0%Dec 23, 2008 IFC to Help Matara Municipal Council Streamline Business Processes in Sri Lanka
0%Nov 13, 2008 IFC Honored for Helping Raise Standards in Bangladesh’s Garments Industry
0%Oct 30, 2008 IFC Mobilizes Key Stakeholders to Promote Sustainable Finance in Bangladesh
0%Oct 23, 2008 IFC Links SMEs to Large Multinationals in Bangladesh’s Light Engineering Sector to Promote Growth
0%Oct 8, 2008 IFC Supports Oil and Gas Drilling Sector in Developing Countries
0%Sept 30, 2008 IFC Road Show to Promote Access to Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka
0%Sept 24, 2008 IFC Helps Idea Cellular Limited Increase Affordable Mobile Phone Services in India
0%Sept 12, 2008 IFC to Assist Andhra Pradesh with Public Private Partnerships for Urban Infrastructure Development
0%Aug 18, 2008 IFC Supports Nepal’s Buddha Air to Enhance Efficiencies, Tap Growth Opportunities
0%Aug 4, 2008 IFC’s Investment in India’s Rockland Hospital Will Increase Access to Health Services
0%July 28, 2008 IFC, ADB, and HDFC Investments Invest in Maldives to Make Housing Affordable and Accessible
0%July 21, 2008 IFC and Partners Hold Workshop on Hydropower Project Financing in Nepal
0%July 21, 2008 India’s First Private Equity Fund Launched by Rabobank, IFC, FMO, and DEG to Boost Growth of Agribusiness Sector
0%July 15, 2008 IFC and Ceylon Cold Stores to Promote Income Growth for Sri Lankan Dairy Farmers
0%July 9, 2008 IFC and JayKay Marketing Services to Strengthen Sustainable Sourcing in Sri Lanka’s Agriculture and Food Sectors
0%July 7, 2008 IFC Finances Clean, Energy Efficient Float Glass Production for HNG in India
0%June 25, 2008 IFC Promotes Growth of Light Engineering Sector in Bangladesh
0%June 18, 2008 IFC and Dialog Telekom Help Small Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka Develop Business Skills
0%June 12, 2008 IFC Seminar Aims to Boost Trade Finance in South Asia
0%May 28, 2008 IFC Promotes Access to Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka
0%May 27, 2008 IFC Training Helps Build Housing Finance Market in Pakistan
0%May 15, 2008 IFC and Standard Chartered Bank Collaborate on the Launch of Innovative Credit-Linked Notes to Improve Financing for Microfinance Sector
0%May 13, 2008 IFC Supports Public-private Partnerships in India, Improving Infrastructure for Growth in Maharashtra
0%Apr 29, 2008 IFC Promotes Growth of Light Engineering Sector in Bangladesh
0%Apr 23, 2008 IFC Advises on India’s Vizag-Kakinada Coastal Roads, Improving Infrastructure for Growth in Andhra Pradesh
0%Apr 9, 2008 IFC and Jakarta Province to Simplify Business Registration and Licensing
0%Apr 8, 2008 IFC Invests in India’s Coastal Gujarat Power, Expanding Access to Electricity
0%Apr 3, 2008 IFC and Techcombank Help Vietnam’s Small Businesses Gain Better Access to Finance
0%Apr 3, 2008 IFC Encourages Global Linkages to Boost Light Engineering Sector in Bangladesh
0%Mar 31, 2008 IFC Reaffirms Strategic Focus on Infrastructure, Establishes Infrastructure Advisory for South Asia
0%Mar 28, 2008 IFC-IFSB Seminar Participants Discuss Governance Issues for Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services
0%Mar 27, 2008 Sri Lanka’s Commercial Bank Joins IFC Global Trade Finance Program to Enhance Cross-border Trade
0%Mar 17, 2008 New IFC Delivery Guarantee to Boost Returns for Carbon Credits in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia
0%Mar 10, 2008 IFC and World Bank to Implement Secured Transaction Registry in Nepal
0%Mar 10, 2008 IFC, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and Alliance to Save Energy Promote Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects in India
0%Mar 3, 2008 IFC and Women Entrepreneurs Council to Support Craft Industry in Maldives, Creating Opportunities for Small Entrepreneurs
0%Feb 22, 2008 IFC Global Corporate Governance Forum Partners with SEBI and NISM to Promote Awareness of Governance Reform in India
0%Feb 21, 2008 IFC to Help Sri Lanka’s Nations Trust Bank develop Credit Scoring for Small and Retail Business Lines
0%Feb 15, 2008 IFC’s Long-term Funding to John Keells Holdings Will Support Cross-Border Business and Create Jobs in Sri Lanka and South Asia
0%Feb 14, 2008 IFC Investment to Help Expand High-Quality Health Care, Retain Medical Talent, and Create Employment in the Philippines
0%Feb 13, 2008 IFC and Citi to Support Expansion of BRAC’s Microlending in Bangladesh
0%Feb 8, 2008 IFC and Cairn India Open Enterprise Center for Local Small Businesses Development in Rajasthan
0%Jan 30, 2008 Standard & Poor’s ESG India Index Launched: IFC-backed Index Provides Avenue to Invest in Leaders in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Issues
0%Jan 16, 2008 Emerging Market Companies Win by Using Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Business, a Joint IFC and SustainAbility Report Reveals
0%Jan 10, 2008 IFC Supports Environmental Certification Program for Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing and Recycling in India
0%Jan 10, 2008 IFC Paves Way for New Investment Product to Enhance Access to Finance for SMEs in Bangladesh
0%Jan 8, 2008 IFC Supports Development of Clean Energy and Environmental Sector in Asia through Private Equity Fund Investment
0%Jan 3, 2008 IFC and State Bank of Pakistan Strengthen Local Expertise in Housing Finance
0%Dec 26, 2007 IFC to Help Engro Meet Pakistan’s Energy Needs
0%Dec 20, 2007 IFC, FINO to Help Microfinance Institutions Reach Underserved Markets for Banking in Rural India
0%Dec 11, 2007 Shift in Investments Needed to Reduce Asian Companies’ Exposure to Carbon Impacts
0%Dec 6, 2007 IFC and the World Bank to Work with India for More Business-friendly Procedures
0%Nov 28, 2007 IFC to Assist Andhra Pradesh with Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development
0%Nov 27, 2007 IFC Promotes Access to Finance, Better Services for Small and Medium Enterprises in Southern Sri Lanka
0%Nov 21, 2007 IFC support to Airblue to promote trade business and tourism in Pakistan
0%Nov 20, 2007 Paying Taxes 2008: Paying Taxes Is Getting Easier but More Reform Is Needed
0%Nov 13, 2007 IFC and ICICI Bank Host Global Conference for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in India
0%Nov 6, 2007 IFC and Maldives Chamber to Grow Local Craft Industry, Enhance Incomes of Small Entrepreneurs
0%Oct 31, 2007 IFC Support to India’s VenturEast Proactive Fund Will Help Early-Stage Businesses Become Leaders
0%Sept 25, 2007 IFC’s Long-term Funding to Dialog Telekom Will Support Sri Lanka’s Telecom Infrastructure
0%Aug 29, 2007 IFC Support to Owens Corning Will Help Strengthen Competitiveness and Establish Environment-Friendly Processes
0%Aug 28, 2007 IFC Partners with Bhutan National Bank on Trade Finance
0%Aug 27, 2007 IFC Support to Gujarat State Petronet Limited to Improve Access to Cleaner Energy in India
0%Aug 13, 2007 IFC Support to Petronet LNG to Improve Access to Cleaner Energy in India
0%Aug 8, 2007 IFC Seminar Promotes Competition to Help Control Costs and Reduce Poverty in Bangladesh
0%July 30, 2007 IFC Focuses on Infrastructure and Midsize Companies to Strengthen Competitiveness and Sustainability in India
0%July 26, 2007 IFC, FMO, and Deutsche Bank Invest in Aavishkaar Goodwell to Support Growth of Microfinance in India
0%July 24, 2007 IFC, State Bank of Pakistan Launch Training to Improve Housing Finance Market in Pakistan
0%July 16, 2007 IFC Supports Pakistan’s Business Council to Help Improve Business Environment
0%July 9, 2007 IFC Expands Access to Health Services in India with Investment in Max Healthcare
0%July 5, 2007 Call for New Economic Zones Strategy to Create More Jobs in Bangladesh
0%July 2, 2007 IFC Support to India’s West Coast Paper to Enhance Sector Competitiveness and Environmental Performance
0%June 26, 2007 IFC Partners with Exim Bank to Enhance Trade Finance in Bangladesh
0%June 19, 2007 IFC and Cairn India Agree to Establish Innovative Community Development Programs in Rajasthan
0%June 14, 2007 IFC Financing Supports Growth and Competitiveness of Indian Pharmaceutical Firm, Granules
0%May 29, 2007 New Regional Director for IFC South Asia to Continue Strengthening Private Sector Growth
0%May 21, 2007 IFC Partners with Nepal’s Bank of Kathmandu on Trade Finance and SME Development
0%May 17, 2007 IFC Helps Leading International Buyers Increase Garment Trade in Bangladesh
0%May 17, 2007 IFC Support to Electrotherm Will Help Establish Environment-friendly Vehicles and Enhance Competitiveness
0%May 10, 2007 IFC Support for Nepal Industrial & Commercial Bank Bolsters Trade
0%May 8, 2007 IFC-Commissioned Study Recommends Measures to Promote Growth of Smaller Businesses in Sri Lanka
0%May 7, 2007 IFC Support to OCL Will Help Enhance Cement Production
0%May 2, 2007 IFC’s First Financial Market and Equity Investment in Lao PDR Supports Development of Banking Sector
0%Apr 27, 2007 IFC Support to Kanoria Will Help Establish Environment-friendly Processes and Enhance Productivity
0%Apr 26, 2007 IFC Promotes Ease of Access to Finance to Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka
0%Apr 23, 2007 IFC Supports Women Farmers and Poultry Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
0%Apr 23, 2007 IFC Partners with Southeast Bank to Enhance Trade Finance in Bangladesh
0%Apr 20, 2007 IFC and Austria’s Finance Ministry Establish Trust Fund to Support Private Sector Development in Emerging Markets
0%Apr 19, 2007 IFC Launches Global Dollar Bond Issue:Oversubscribed Issue Achieves Quality Order Book
0%Apr 18, 2007 IFC Financing Promotes Home Ownership in Saudi Arabia
0%Apr 18, 2007 IFC Encourages Knowledge Sharing in Bangladesh’s Light Engineering Sector
0%Apr 16, 2007 IFC Encourages Health and Safety Compliance in Agribusiness and Food Processing Sectors in Bangladesh
0%Apr 13, 2007 World Bank and USAID Honor Reformers of Business Environment: Zurab Nogaideli, Prime Minister of Georgia, Recognized as Top Reformer of the Year
0%Apr 13, 2007 Emerging Market Health Care Companies Going International Is Theme of IFC Conference
0%Apr 13, 2007 IFC Partners with Germany’s KfW, Expanding Access to Finance for 5 Million Microenterprises and Low-income Households in Asia
0%Apr 2, 2007 Short List Selected for 2007 FT Sustainable Banking Awards
0%Apr 2, 2007 IFC and Colombo Municipal Council Help Streamline Business Processes in Sri Lanka
0%Mar 30, 2007 Rashad Kaldany New Director of IFC Infrastructure Department
0%Mar 22, 2007 IFC Helps Pakistan’s Power Sector Meet Growing Energy Needs
0%Mar 22, 2007 IFC Promotes Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Pakistan’s Infrastructure Services
0%Mar 22, 2007 IFC Promotes Business-Enabling Infrastructure in Pakistan
0%Mar 22, 2007 IFC Encourages Environmental and Social Compliance in the Ready-made Garments Sector
0%Mar 21, 2007 IFC to Help Kotak Mahindra Bank Augment Its Capital Base and Strengthen India’s Private Banking Sector
0%Mar 21, 2007 IFC Helps Pakistan Provide Housing for the Poor
0%Mar 19, 2007 New Analysis Reveals $5 Trillion Market at the Base of the Pyramid: IFC and World Resources Institute Report Details Economic and Development Opportunities
0%Mar 19, 2007 IFC Support to FINO Will Help Banks Reach Underserved Markets in Rural India
0%Mar 15, 2007 IFC-SEDF to Encourage Women Entrepreneurs in Light Engineering Sectors
0%Mar 14, 2007 IFC Helps Pakistan Provide Housing for the Poor
0%Mar 12, 2007 IFC to Partner with Nations Trust Bank in Sri Lanka, Providing Trade Finance and Advisory Support for SME Development
0%Mar 6, 2007 IFC Aims to Strengthen Competitiveness and Sustainability of Sri Lanka’s Private Sector
0%Mar 1, 2007 IFC’s Global Trade Finance Program Expands Its Reach to Sri Lanka through Transactions with NDB Bank
0%Feb 22, 2007 IFC-SEDF to Support UTI Bank in Improving Access to Finance for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Northeast India
0%Feb 13, 2007 World Bank Group Releases Doing Business in South Asia 2007: India is the top reformer in the region, Hyderabad has the country’s most business-friendly regulations
0%Feb 13, 2007 World Bank Group Releases Doing Business in South Asia 2007: Dhaka is the city with the most business-friendly regulations in Bangladesh
0%Feb 13, 2007 World Bank Group Releases Doing Business in South Asia 2007: Pakistan is runner-up reformer in region, Karachi has the country’s most business-friendly regulations
0%Feb 13, 2007 World Bank Group Releases Doing Business in South Asia 2007: India and Pakistan are region’s top reformers; Hyderabad has most business-friendly regulations in India, Karachi the most business-friendly regulations in Pakistan
0%Feb 6, 2007 World Bank, IFC Support India in Scaling Up Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships
0%Feb 6, 2007 IFC-Backed Mediation Center in Pakistan Begins Resolving Commercial Disputes
0%Dec 7, 2006 IFC-SEDF to Partner with Confederation of Indian Industry, Ministry of Panchayati Raj’s Rural Business Hub Initiative in Northeastern States
0%Dec 4, 2006 IFC-SEDF Supports Capacity-building Through Quality Management Systems Training
0%Nov 29, 2006 IFC Becomes First Intermediary to Deliver Carbon Reductions to the Dutch Government
0%Nov 15, 2006 IFC's Support to Ocimum Biosolutions Promotes Contract Research Outsourcing to India
0%Oct 17, 2006 IFC Provides Trade Finance Support to BRAC Bank, Bangladesh
0%Oct 16, 2006 IFC to Bring Private Investment to Energy Sector in Bangladesh
0%Oct 12, 2006 IFC to Bring Private Investment to Energy Sector in Bangladesh
0%Oct 12, 2006 IFC to Help HDFC Bank Augment Its Capital Base and Strengthen India’s Private Banking Sector
0%Oct 11, 2006 IFC to Help Suguna Poultry Farms Enhance Corporate Governance and Supply Chain Management
0%Oct 5, 2006 IFC Signs Agreement to Purchase Carbon Credits from Hydropower Projects in India
0%Oct 4, 2006 IFC-SEDF to Help NDB Bank Set Up a Risk Management Framework and Enhance Offerings to SMEs
0%Oct 2, 2006 IFC-SEDF to Help Maldives Finance Leasing Company Build Its Capacity for Managing Human Resources
0%Sept 22, 2006 IFC-SEDF Assists in Building Risk Management Capabilities Among Local Banks
0%Aug 8, 2006 IFC-SEDF Reinforces the Need for Innovation at SME Bankers Roundtable
0%Aug 4, 2006 IFC-SEDF to Promote SME Development through a Partnership with DFCC Bank
0%July 26, 2006 Bangladesh Bank and IFC reinforce corporate governance benefits
0%July 25, 2006 IFC Supports RSB in India to expand and become globally competitive
0%July 25, 2006 IFC-SEDF to Help Small Hotels in Sri Lanka Access Markets through Portal,
0%July 5, 2006 IFC Signs $150 million Loan to Cairn Energy for India and Bangladesh, Partners in Innovative Community Development Programs
0%July 5, 2006 IFC Provides Financing for Continental Carbon India Limited to Expand Power Generation Capacity
0%June 29, 2006 IFC Signs Carbon Emission Purchase Agreement in India
0%June 28, 2006 IFC Supports Atul Limited in India to Expand and Diversify its Product Line
0%June 12, 2006 Joint IFC/BP Linkages Project Boosts Local Enterprises in Azerbaijan
0%May 26, 2006 IFC-SEDF Facility Will Promote SME Development for Sri Lanka and Maldives
0%May 18, 2006 IFC Invests to Help LGB Upgrade and Increase Global Competitiveness
0%Apr 25, 2006 IFC to develop rural electrification pilot programs in India with NRECA MOU to be signed with India’s Power Finance Corp. April 25
0%Mar 17, 2006 IFC-SEDF Seminar On “Promoting Trade Between Bangladesh And North East India
0%Feb 28, 2006 IFC Investment Improves Hydroelectric Generation Capacity in India Small hydro projects to benefit from $15.2 million financing
0%Feb 17, 2006 IFC Announces Its First Global Trade Finance Deal in Bangladesh
0%Feb 16, 2006 IFC Announces Its First Global Trade Finance Deal in Bangladesh
0%Jan 24, 2006 IFC to Invest $20 Million in PSL Limited for Expansion Project
0%Jan 23, 2006 IFC to Invest $20 Million in PSL Limited for Expansion Project
0%Jan 5, 2006 IFC Invests in TurboTech Energy Conservation Turbines
0%Dec 20, 2005 IFC Supports Trade Sector in Bangladesh