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0%7/ 9/2020 IFC invierte 10 millones de dólares en Mountain Nazca II
0%7/ 9/2020 IFC provides US$10 million equity investment to Mountain Nazca II
0%5/ 21/2020 IFC invests in private equity fund to support consumer companies and women-led businesses in Latin America
0%5/ 21/2020 IFC investe em Fundo de Investimento para Apoiar Empresas de Consumo e Empresas Lideradas por Mulheres na América Latina
0%5/ 21/2020 IFC invierte en fondo de capital privado para apoyar a empresas de consumo y empresas lideradas por mujeres en América Latina
0%4/ 13/2020 IFC Invests in Private Equity Fund to Boost Growth in MENA Amid Economic Disruption
0%9/ 26/2019 IFC Invests in Flat6Labs Tunisia to Help Boost Startup Ecosystem in Tunisia
0%7/ 30/2019 IFC to Invest $2.5 million in Sarmayacar to Support Tech Start-Ups in Pakistan
0%6/ 3/2019 IFC Partners with Twiga to Boost Food Safety in Kenya
0%4/ 8/2019 IFC Report Estimates Investors Appetite for Impact Investing Could Be as High as $26 Trillion
0%4/ 8/2019 IFC Report Estimates Investors Appetite for Impact Investing Could Be as High as $26 Trillion
0%3/ 25/2019 IFC, Tunisian Government Launch Program to Support Entrepreneurs and Create Jobs
0%3/ 7/2019 IFC Study: Funds with Gender-Balanced Leadership Generate up to 20% Higher Returns
0%2/ 28/2019 IFC invests in METRO Wholesale Myanmar to expand access to quality food and support domestic farm sector
0%1/ 30/2019 IFC Invests in Liftit to Bolster Tech Solutions for Logistics in Latin America
0%1/ 30/2019 IFC brinda respaldo financiero a Liftit para reforzar soluciones tecnológicas en el ámbito de la logística en América Latina
0%12/ 7/2018 IFC Invests in Egypt’s Vezeeta, Aiming to Triple to 1 Million the Number of Patients the Start-up Serves
0%12/ 7/2018 IFC $6 million Seed Investment in Kobo360 Aims to Transform Supply Chain for African Mass-Market Goods
0%11/ 15/2018 IFC and TLcom Invest $10M in Twiga Foods, an m-commerce Start-up Supporting Kenyan Farmers
0%11/ 14/2018 IFC invierte en Clínicas del Azúcar para promover el control de la diabetes en México
0%11/ 14/2018 IFC Invests in Clínicas del Azucar to Promote Diabetes Control in México
0%10/ 31/2018 IFC Invests in BECO Capital to Support Start-ups Across MENA
0%10/ 2/2018 Egypt Calls for Innovative Africa-Based Start-Ups to Apply For New Initiative
0%8/ 30/2018 IFC and Egypt Partner to Help Innovative Start-ups and Foster Entrepreneurship in Africa
0%6/ 21/2018 IFC selects 42 global technology companies to present innovative solutions to Brazilian healthcare providers in matchmaking event
0%6/ 21/2018 IFC seleciona 42 empresas globais de tecnologia para apresentar soluções inovadoras para instituições de saúde brasileiras em evento de matchmaking
0%5/ 2/2018 IFC Invests in Mandaê to Support the Growth of Parcel Logistics Sector in Brazil
0%5/ 2/2018 IFC Investe na Mandaê para Apoiar o Crescimento do Setor de Logística de Encomendas no Brasil
0%2/ 26/2018 50 Start-ups Participarán en el Foro Económico Mundial en Brasil en el Marco de una Nueva Iniciativa de IFC y WEF
0%2/ 26/2018 50 Start-ups da América Latina Participarão de Nova Iniciativa da IFC e do WEF durante o Encontro do Fórum no Brasil
0%2/ 26/2018 50 Latin American Start-ups Will Join the World Economic Forum in Brazil in New Initiative by IFC and WEF
0%1/ 22/2018 IFC and World Economic Forum Partner to Boost Development of Startups in Latin America and the Caribbean
0%1/ 22/2018 IFC y Foro Económico Mundial colaboran para ampliar iniciativa de desarrollo de startups en América latina y el Caribe
0%1/ 22/2018 IFC e Fórum Econômico Mundial fazem parceria para fomentar o desenvolvimento de startups na América Latina e no Caribe
0%9/ 5/2017 IFC Invests $10 million in Power2SME, Supports its Expansion Across India
0%10/ 14/2016 IFC Client Azure Power is First Indian Renewable Energy Company to List on a U.S. Stock Exchange
0%6/ 23/2016 IFC Aims to Double Venture Capital Portfolio to $1 Billion to Spur Innovation in Emerging Markets
0%6/ 15/2016 IFC’s New Accelerator Program Promotes Adoption of Health Technology Innovations in India
0%3/ 22/2016 IFC Invests in Indian Online Grocery Company to Improve its Food Supply Chains, Support Farmers, and Small Businesses
0%1/ 13/2016 IFC Launches TechEmerge, to Accelerate the Adoption of Health Technology Innovations in Emerging Markets
0%1/ 13/2016 Israel Partners with IFC to Promote Innovation in Emerging Markets
0%9/ 15/2015 IFC Expands Support for Infrastructure, Entrepreneurs, and Fragile States in Africa in 2015
0%4/ 13/2015 IFC invests in Planet Labs to improve access to emerging market satellite imagery
0%3/ 24/2015 IFC and Riverwood Capital invest $45 million in Netshoes to support growth of online retail in Latin America
0%3/ 24/2015 IFC e Riverwood investem US$ 45 milhões na Netshoes para fomentar o comércio varejista online na América Latina
0%3/ 10/2015 IFC Invests in India’s Eye-Q Vision to Expand Access to Quality Eye-care Services in Non-metros
0%7/ 18/2014 IFC 投资爱回收,支持中国电子设备回收再利用
0%7/ 18/2014 IFC Invests in Aihuishou to Support the Reuse and Recycling of Electronic Devices in China
0%6/ 12/2014 IFC Invests in India’s NephroPlus to Improve Access to Quality Dialysis Services
0%5/ 5/2014 IFC Invests in Ayla Networks to Spur Smart Energy Use in China
0%1/ 28/2014 IFC Supports Expansion of Online Retailers in Emerging Markets with Investments in Dafiti, Lamoda
0%11/ 11/2013 IFC Invests in Climate-Smart Batteries for Cell Phone Networks in Emerging Markets
0%11/ 11/2013 IFC Invests in Climate-Smart Batteries for Cell Phone Networks in Emerging Markets
0%7/ 10/2013 IFC Invests $5 million in Coursera to Expand Free Online Education in Emerging Markets
0%5/ 28/2013 IFC Invests in Early Stage Indian Energy Efficiency Firm, Fosters Innovation
0%3/ 21/2010 IFC Invests in Azure Power, India’s First Private Megawatt-scale Solar Developer