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5/ 23/2019 Tourism on the Rise in Papua New Guinea
5/ 23/2019 Banco Fassil apuesta por convertirse en el primer banco verde de Bolivia con apoyo de IFC
5/ 23/2019 IFC’s US$100 million investment in Banco Continental supports the expansion of access to finance for SMEs and agribusiness in Paraguay
5/ 23/2019 Inversión de US$ 100 millones de IFC en Banco Continental apoya la expansión del acceso al financiamiento para las PYMEs y los agronegocios en Paraguay
5/ 22/2019 Papua New Guinea: New World Bank Group strategy focuses on delivering economic growth, improved services for most marginalized people
5/ 21/2019 تعاون بين مؤسسة التمويل الدولية ومصرف التنمية الدولي بهدف تحسين الخدمات المالية في العراق
5/ 21/2019 IFC Bermitra dengan Aqua Expeditions untuk dukung pariwisata di Tujuan Wisata di Daerah Terluar
5/ 21/2019 IFC Partners with Aqua Expeditions to Support Tourism in Indonesia’s Frontier Destinations
5/ 21/2019 IFC, International Development Bank Launch Effort to Expand Financial Services in Iraq
5/ 20/2019 IFC firma en Colombia acuerdo para impulsar transporte eléctrico en Cali
5/ 20/2019 IFC dan Pemerintah Propinsi Jawa Barat jalin kerjasama untuk capai pembangunan infrastruktur berkelanjutan
5/ 20/2019 IFC and West Java join forces to ensure sustainable infrastructure growth
5/ 17/2019 IFC and ‘Urban 20’ Mayors Highlight Investment Opportunities in Emerging Market Cities
5/ 17/2019 IFCとUrban 20の首長たちが新興市場の都市における投資機会をハイライト
5/ 14/2019 IFC Invests in Romania’s First Cover Bond Issue To Increase Mortgage Lending
5/ 14/2019 IFC, SECO Partner to Address Water Scarcity in South Africa
5/ 13/2019 Eyeing a More Secure Future for Refugees
5/ 12/2019 Pioneering Study Examines How Private Sector Can Help Refugees in Africa, Middle East
5/ 12/2019 دراسة رائدة تبحث سبل مساهمة القطاع الخاص في دعم اللاجئين في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا
5/ 12/2019 Une étude innovante d’IFC analyse comment le secteur privé peut aider réfugiés et communautés d’accueil en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient
5/ 10/2019 IFC Issues First Ever Offshore Khmer Riel (“KHR”) Bond
5/ 9/2019 L’IFC soutient l'enseignement supérieur médical privé au Maroc et au Sénégal
5/ 9/2019 IFC Helps Strengthen Medical Education in Morocco and Senegal
5/ 8/2019 IFC Report Finds $130 Billion Opportunity in Digital Skills Across Sub-Saharan Africa
5/ 8/2019 IFC To Invest in ProCredit Holding Green Bonds To Boost Green Investments in South Eastern and Eastern Europe
5/ 8/2019 World Bank Group Helps Boost Investment and Agribusiness in Azerbaijan
5/ 7/2019 IFC and Amata Join Hands to Advance Sustainability Solutions for Smart Cities, Industrial Zones, and Townships in Thailand and the Mekong Region
5/ 3/2019 Latest Progress in Credit Reporting to Promote Financial Inclusion in Cambodia
5/ 2/2019 Liquefied Natural Gas Fuels Latin America’s Energy Options
4/ 30/2019 Director de IFC Visita República Dominicana para Impulsar Inclusión Financiera, Competitividad y Sostenibilidad del Medioambiente

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