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8/ 7/2019 IFC Invests $11 Million in Shifa International to Bolster Healthcare in Pakistan
7/ 30/2019 IFC: Violence at Workplace Exacts Heavy Cost on Fijian Businesses
7/ 30/2019 Ghanaian, 3 Other Sub-Saharan Female Business Leaders Among 20 in IFC Publication
7/ 30/2019 IFC to Invest $2.5 million in Sarmayacar to Support Tech Start-Ups in Pakistan
7/ 30/2019 IFC Launches Social Impact Notes – an investor opportunity to support positive social impact, including in Haiti
7/ 24/2019 World Bank Group Partners with the National Bank of Belarus to Ease Access to Finance for Smaller Businesses
7/ 24/2019 IFC Invests in and Arranges a EUR 264 Million Financing Package for the Expansion of the Azito Power Plant in Côte d’Ivoire
7/ 24/2019 Côte d’Ivoire : IFC coordonne un financement de 264 millions d’euros pour l’expansion de la centrale électrique d’Azito
7/ 24/2019 IFC、コートジボワールのアジト発電所の拡張に向けた2億6,400万ユーロのシンジケートローンを組成
7/ 23/2019 IFC Partners with Protea Hotels Zambia to Develop Tourism Sector in Zambia
7/ 22/2019 IFC y la Ciudad de México formalizan alianza para enfrentar retos de sostenibilidad
7/ 22/2019 IFC and México City Join Forces to Face Sustainability Challenges
7/ 22/2019 IFC Lends US$35 Million to Davivienda Costa Rica to Promote Green Projects
7/ 22/2019 IFC otorga préstamo de US$35 millones a Davivienda Costa Rica para apoyar proyectos verdes
7/ 18/2019 Lancement de la construction de deux projets Scaling Solar au Sénégal avec le soutien d’IFC
7/ 18/2019 Two Scaling Solar Projects in Senegal Advance to Construction with IFC Financing Package
7/ 18/2019 セネガルにおけ2つのスケーリング・ソーラープロジェクト、IFCの融資パッケージを得て建設へと前進
7/ 17/2019 IFC investit pour renforcer l’industrie de transformation alimentaire en Guinée
7/ 17/2019 IFC Loan Strengthens Guinea’s Food Processing Industry
7/ 16/2019 IFC otorga préstamo de US$225 millones a BAM para impulsar créditos para vivienda y Pymes en Guatemala
7/ 16/2019 IFC, European Commission Support Albania to Enhance Investment Policies
7/ 16/2019 IFC, Komisioni Evropian mbështesin Shqipërinë në përmirësimin e Politikave për Investim
7/ 16/2019 IFC Approves US$225 Million Loan to BAM to Promote Loans for Housing and SMEs in Guatemala
7/ 15/2019 IFC Invests in Stanbic Bank to Support SME Growth in Zambia
7/ 9/2019 IFC Invests $20 Million in Leading Egyptian Food Company to Boost Expansion and Create Jobs

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