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12/ 17/2018 IFC Invests $90 Million In TMB Bond to Support Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Thailand
12/ 17/2018 A IFC investe US$ 300 milhões no Bradesco para expandir o acesso ao crédito para micro, pequenas e médias empresas no Brasil
12/ 17/2018 IFC Invests US$ 300 million in Bradesco to Expand Access to Finance for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Brazil
12/ 17/2018 IFC Supports First-ever Bond Issuance in Cambodia
12/ 17/2018 IFC CEO Signs Accords with National Bank of Ethiopia as Part of Broad Effort to Support Private Sector
12/ 14/2018 TechEmerge Brazil seleciona 21 inovadores para implementar projetos-pilotos nas maiores instituições de saúde do país
12/ 14/2018 TechEmerge Brazil Selects 21 Innovators to Implement Pilots at Country’s Largest Healthcare Institutions
12/ 13/2018 IFC y BID Invest invierten US$119.5 millones para apoyar el desarrollo del proyecto turístico Tropicalia en República Dominicana, creando nuevos empleos y promoviendo el turismo sostenible
12/ 13/2018 New Study to Explore Boosting the Benefits of Cruises to Fiji’s Economy
12/ 13/2018 Private Sector Companies in Sri Lanka That Provide Childcare Support Gain Significant Business Benefits, Finds IFC’s New Report
12/ 13/2018 IFC and IDB Invest Provide $119.5 Million for Tropicalia Hotel in the Dominican Republic, Creating New Jobs and Promoting Sustainable Tourism
12/ 12/2018 Moves to help Papua New Guinea Develop a Corporate Bond Market
12/ 10/2018 세계은행그룹, 한국 기업들이 참여하는 솔로몬 제도 신재생 에너지사업 계약 체결 발표
12/ 10/2018 UK-IFC Partnership Aims to Mobilize $2 Billion in Financing for Green Construction
12/ 7/2018 IFC Invests in Egypt’s Vezeeta, Aiming to Triple to 1 Million the Number of Patients the Start-up Serves
12/ 7/2018 IFC Helps Promote Cashless Payment Systems in Europe and Central Asia
12/ 7/2018 IFC $6 million Seed Investment in Kobo360 Aims to Transform Supply Chain for African Mass-Market Goods
12/ 7/2018 مؤسسة التمويل الدولية تستثمر في فيزيتا مصر بهدف مضاعفة عدد المرضى الذين يتعاملون مع الخدمة ليصل عددهم إلى مليون مريض
12/ 6/2018 Agreements Signed to Bring Reliable, Renewable Electricity to Solomon Islands
12/ 5/2018 Seven brands come on board as IFC launches second phase of campaign for clean textile
12/ 5/2018 IFC, BID Invest, Rabobank financian por US$100 Millones a la citrícola argentina multinacional San Miguel
12/ 5/2018 IFC Provides USD 80 Million to Ecuador’s Produbanco to Bolster Climate Finance and SMEs
12/ 5/2018 IFC aprueba $80 millones de dólares a Produbanco de Ecuador para reforzar pymes y finanzas climáticas
12/ 5/2018 IFC, IDB Invest, Rabobank Provide $100M to Multinational Argentine Citrus Company San Miguel, Supporting Jobs and Exports

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