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IFC Supports Climate Change Mitigation in Africa through Investment in Private Equity Fund

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Washington, D.C., April 1, 2008—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today announced that it will invest in the Evolution One Fund, a private equity fund, which in turn will invest in clean technologies and enterprises working to mitigate climate change in Southern Africa.

IFC will invest up to $20 million in the Evolution One Fund, which will be managed by Inspired Evolution Investment Management, a South Africa-based company. The fund will invest in companies located primarily in Southern African Development Community countries. It will target climate change sectors such as renewable energy (landfill gas, solar, and wind energy) and related sectors, including water and waste management, recycling, natural products, and green buildings. IFC will work with and co-invest alongside the Consensus Business Group, a London-based investment advisor on environmental funds, on this initiative.

Haydee Celaya, IFC Director for Private Equity and Investment Funds, said, “IFC’s investment in Evolution One Fund is in line with the World Bank Group’s strategy to support projects and technologies that address climate change. This demonstrates our commitment to being a leader in the clean energy and climate change sectors and to providing support to smaller businesses that are not likely to receive funding from mainstream private equity groups.”

Vincent Tchenguiz, Chairman of Consensus Business Group, added, “Consensus Business Group has had a strategic focus on the environmental sector for a number of years. We have developed innovative business models to deliver strong financial returns and add strategic value to our investee companies. We look forward to working with Evolution One Fund.”

Christopher Clarke, Executive Director at Inspired Evolution Investment Management, said, “Evolution One Fund is positioned to lead a new generation asset class that is centered on investing in sustainability and on clean technologies and natural capital markets. This effort represents a strategic response to an unprecedented global and regional business opportunity.”

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