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IFC, Finland, and Corporate Partners Celebrate Success of the Northwest Russia Forest Investment Project

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St. Petersburg, Russia February 13, 2007 - IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, and its partners recently celebrated the achievements of the Finnish-funded Northwest Russia Forest Investment Project.  In five and a half years, the project has brought $400 million in actual or planned investments to northwest Russia.  The event, held at the General Finnish Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia, brought together representatives from IFC, Finland’s government, Finnish and local investors, and government and regional authorities from Russia.  

Northwest Russia, a region with a forest area of 80 million hectares, has an abundant supply of raw wood and provides a natural source of material for neighboring Finland’s thriving forestry sector. But the region has been underutilized, with yearly harvests reaching only 60 percent of its annual allowable cut. Unfamiliar with the post-Soviet climate, the major Finnish forestry companies had been hesitant to invest in the region, and thus they sought out the help of IFC.

The project was launched in 2001 with funding from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, with the aim of assisting Finnish companies in accessing emerging opportunities in northwest Russia’s forest sector.  Original plans forecast investments of about $50 million over the planned five-year framework of cooperation.  The project has been very successful in meeting and exceeding this objective.  As of December 2006, $240 million in new investments have been commissioned in wood harvesting and added-value processing, and investments worth another $160 million are planned.

The project has helped clarify local investment conditions and has built trust and confidence between key players in the sector.  “The investments have established a benchmark of operating standards in the forest sector, and they have resulted in a substantial transfer of skills and technology.  These developments further enhance current national initiatives toward sustainable forest management,” said IFC’s Ian Luyt.  The new investments have also created new demand for wood products, and this in turn has created opportunities for local harvesting companies and other small- and medium enterprises in the rural forest sector.

“All the project partners have been satisfied by the results of the project.  It has created an effective network for partners and expanded opportunities for investment,” said Merja Aberg, who represented the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry.  “I am also grateful to the project team, lead by Seppo Pulliainen, who worked for many years to make this project a success.”

The project was extended three times, with funding from private enterprise increasing with each extension.  At its last phase, the project was funded entirely by its Finnish partner companies, UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Thomesto Oy/Metsäliitto Cooperative, Stora Enso Oyj,  Koskitukki Oy, and Oy Metsa-Botnia Ab.

“The level of private sector support is unprecedented in this type of work, and the transition from public to private funding provides an excellent model for future public-private partnerships,” Mr. Luyt said.

Petri Salo, Director of the Unit for Neighboring Area Cooperation at the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "As a state organization funding technical cooperation, we consider the project a success. It was in a sector where Finnish industry has a worldwide reputation for innovation and sustainability. And during the course of the project, the participants turned into major funders and investors.  The project presented a unique combination of feasibility and start-up funding from the Finnish state, combined with the expertise of the companies from the sector itself and advisory expertise from IFC."

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