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IFC Improves Livelihoods of Over 5,800 Women and Their Families in Tajikistan

In Dushanbe:
Adkham Ergashev

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Dushanbe, Tajikistan, January 26, 2010—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has improved the livelihood of over 5,800 women and their families working for cotton farms through its poverty outreach and the Gender Equality Plan, shows an independent assessment of the IFC South Tajikistan Cotton Lending Project.

IFC is helping its client farms increase yields and profitability significantly and improve the working conditions for women cotton workers.  About 90 percent of the 40 IFC client farms surveyed indicated they had implemented three or more IFC recommendations and improved the basic working conditions of  women farmers. In addition to agronomic techniques and working conditions, IFC provided valuable training on improving hygiene and sanitation, resulting in healthier and more productive workers reaping the benefits of more profitable farms.

“In three years, the project was able to have a substantial affect on the lives of over 5,800 women and their families,” said Andrina Lever, the independent consultant who led the final assessment of the project.  “By providing reliable access to financing and training on improved agronomic techniques and working conditions, the yields of the cotton farms were 37 percent higher than on those farms that were not part of the project.”

“The IFC project demonstrates that conditions and profitability of the farms could be improved even by implementing changes at little or no cost,” said Almira Khojatova, Chairperson of IFC client dehkan farm of S. Sharopov.  “This example can be used in other regions of the country so that other farmers can benefit from client-farm experience.”

IFC is the only international financial institution focused exclusively on the private sector, the engine of sustainable development in emerging markets.  Along with IBRD, it is currently seeking a capital increase to strengthen its ability to create opportunity for the poor in developing countries—including by advising cotton farmers in Tajikistan on agronomic techniques and working condition issues.  

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