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IFC Global Corporate Governance Forum and AICG Sponsor Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets Conference in Turkey

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Turkey, November 17, 2007 — The IFC Global Corporate Governance Forum and the Asian Institute of Corporate Governance recently sponsored the International Research Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets. The first of its kind to link academic research with practical application, the conference yielded new thinking and new approaches to corporate governance research in emerging markets.  It focused on:

  • Political power and corporate control
  • The relationship between financial sector development and corporate governance
  • Board composition and the role of the board, and their implications on corporate performance

Other topics included
  • The role of stakeholders in emerging markets and sustainable development
  • Corporate governance and enforcement mechanisms.  

Dr. Mark Roe, David Berg Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School, made a keynote address on political instability and corporate governance.  Leading regulators, private sector executives, and government figures from Malaysia, the Netherlands, Panama, the Philippines, Spain, and the United Kingdom addressed research priorities and their implications on policy development. They also contextualized research findings to identify areas in need of reform.  

About 50 local and international leading scholars and 140 participants from 31 countries reviewed the major findings and gaps in empirical research on corporate governance in emerging markets. They also queried the relevance of firm-level indicators in emerging markets.

The conference was hosted by the Faculty of Management at Sabanci University in Istanbul in Turkey.

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