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IFC Report Highlights 6 Latin American Business Leaders Creating Opportunity at the Base of the Pyramid

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Washington, D.C., October 10, 2012—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, launched a report today that highlights the personal stories of 14 leaders of some of IFC’s inclusive business clients around the world. Being the Change: Inspiring the Next Generation of Inclusive Business Entrepreneurs features 6 Latin American leaders representing Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

The report reflects the strength of the region in fostering inclusive growth. These Latin American leaders have developed innovative and successful business models that expand access to goods, services, and livelihoods for poor people, while generating strong financial returns.  

The 6 featured Latin American leaders are:

  • Carlos Cavelier, Alquería S.A. (Colombia), who provides improved livelihoods for rural
    Colombians through milk production.
  • Gonzalo Correa, Moderna Alimentos S.A. (Ecuador), who expands economic opportunities through a network of 6,000 small-scale bakeries in Ecuador.
  • Sergio Leal, VINTE Viviendas Integrales (Mexico), who provides affordable, eco-friendly housing to low- and middle-income families in Mexico.
  • Juscelino Martins, Tribanco (Brazil), who extends credit and other financial services to small retailers in Brazil.
  • Francisco Mere, Agrofinanzas S.A. (Mexico), who provides financing to rural Mexican farmers and food producers.
  • Luis Orvañanos, Corporación Geo (Mexico), who designs and builds communities to meet the housing needs of Mexico’s low- and middle-income population.

“By bringing low-income producers and consumers into their supply chains, these leaders are pioneers,” said Nena Stoiljkovic, IFC’s Vice President of Business Advisory Services. “Creating inclusive business models in developing economies is a top priority for IFC, and critical to building prosperity.”

Based on interviews with the founders and CEOs, the report identifies a number of lessons on inclusive business. Leadership and financial sustainability are key components in creating opportunity at the base of the economic pyramid. Leaders must balance short-term returns with long-term goals and value knowledge of local conditions, needs, and capabilities. The stories reflect the overarching optimism these leaders share about the future of inclusive business.

Since 2005, IFC has invested over $7 billion in more than 300 companies and leaders that focus on inclusive business models. These investments have reached over 250 million people in more than 80 countries. IFC aims to increase the number of financially sustainable, inclusive businesses operating at scale to help address the issue of access to goods, services, and livelihoods for billions of low-income people.

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