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IFC Promotes Growth of Light Engineering Sector in Bangladesh

In Dhaka
Sheehan Perera
Phone: + 880 171 3366900

Chittagong, Bangladesh, April 29, 2008—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, Bangladesh’s Light Engineering Product and Business Promotion Council, and the Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association are promoting a dialogue among key stakeholders on the state of the light engineering sector and its recent achievements.  The goal is to facilitate collaboration.

A two-day program in Chittagong, entitled “Promotion of Light Engineering Products for Development of Business,” is being organized by IFC Advisory Services for South Asia – the SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility – to share insights about the light engineering sector and reinforce IFC’s commitment to helping small and medium enterprises in the sector grow and become competitive globally.

In Bangladesh, the nascent light engineering sector employs about 800,000 people, and smaller businesses are not able to benefit from it because they do not operate under a unified vision or an integrated approach. The program will address these issues and the potential financial benefits of integrating modern technologies such as light engineering into the SME sector.  There will also be a forum that will bring together local industry buyers and sellers.  

“This program is part of IFC’s initiative to promote and develop Bangladesh’s light engineering sector by facilitating effective business linkages. Networks and knowledge sharing are invaluable contributors to the growth of SMEs,” said Deepak Adhikary, Deputy General Manager and Head of IFC Advisory Services in Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

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