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IFC Hands Over Historic Photo Exhibition of Russia’s Mortgage Industry to Museum

In Moscow:
Lydia Golikova

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Moscow, September 10, 2007—At a ceremony this week, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, transferred its photo exhibition called “250 Years of Russian Mortgage” to the Museum of Russian Corporate and Financial History, where it will be on permanent display. It is the only collection of its kind, with over 70 unique photographs and historical documents that tell the story of the country’s mortgage industry from the 18th century to today.

Elena Kalmykova, Museum Director, noted, “By making this unique exhibition available to our patrons, IFC is setting an excellent example that should encourage Russian companies to share information and resources with local museums.”

Andrey Milyutin, IFC Project Manager, said, “The exhibition has generated huge interest from our partner organizations, experts, and media.  It has been held at conferences and in museums in London, Kiev, and Moscow. The Museum of Russian Corporate and Financial History is the country’s main repository for corporate and finance records. It organizes numerous activities for the public, especially for college and high school students, and we are proud to be supporting these educational initiatives.”

The exhibition was produced by IFC’s Advisory Services Russia Primary Mortgage Market Development Project in 2005. It was partly funded by the governments of the Netherlands and Switzerland. For more information, visit

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Russia became a member and a shareholder of IFC in 1993.  Since then IFC has invested over $3.6 billion in the country, including $527 million in syndicated loans, in over 150 projects across a variety of sectors.  IFC’s investment portfolio in Russia currently stands at $2.24 billion, making it the largest country exposure for IFC globally.  IFC has invested in key sectors including banking, leasing, housing finance, infrastructure, mining, agribusiness, pulp and paper, construction materials, oil and gas, telecommunications, information technologies, retail, and health care.  For more information, visit

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