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IFC and the Netherlands Help Boost Growth of Ukraine’s Leasing Industry

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Kyiv, Ukraine, April 2, 2008—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today released the results of a survey on Ukraine’s leasing market that highlights the sector’s growth and investment opportunities.  The presentation of the results coincided with the official completion of the IFC Ukraine Leasing Development Project, which, for the last four years, has worked to help develop the leasing industry and the Ukrainian Union of Lessors.

The project, established in March 2004, has helped the Ukrainian government draft three leasing acts and has recommended improvements to 19 leasing-related legislative acts, including a law on financial leasing.  It has also provided consulting services to leasing companies, helped establish a certified leasing program, implemented a public awareness campaign, published a magazine, and attracted 70,000 visitors to its Web site,

“More than 1,500 jobs have been created in the leasing industry since 2004, in addition to those created by businesses that use leasing to expand operations.  IFC has helped increase the level of professionalism in the industry by providing training to more than 400 representatives of Ukraine’s financial institutions,” said Frédéric Hamain, Head of the Supervisory Board for the Ukrainian Union of Lessors and General Director of ALD Automotive Ukraine.

“We are proud of the remarkable growth of Ukraine’s leasing industry since the project began.  The total value of the leasing market has reached almost $4 billion, and it is expected to expand significantly.  Through the project, foreign leasing companies were able to enter the market and increase competition, bringing the overall cost of leasing down and improving access to underserved markets,” said Ernst Mehrengs, IFC Project Manager.

The Ukrainian Union of Lessors will continue to lobby the government for better legislation and regulations. It will also conduct annual market surveys, manage the Web site, and provide training to leasing professionals. The project’s magazine, Leasing in Ukraine, has been transferred to a local publishing house.

The IFC Ukraine Leasing Development Project was financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.  

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