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IFC and Citibank Provide $1.2 Billion to Support Trade in Emerging Markets
May 23, 2019 Tourism on the Rise in Papua New Guinea
May 23, 2019 IFC’s US$100 million investment in Banco Continental supports the expansion of access to finance for SMEs and agribusiness in Paraguay
May 22, 2019 Papua New Guinea: New World Bank Group strategy focuses on delivering economic growth, improved services for most marginalized people
May 21, 2019 IFC Partners with Aqua Expeditions to Support Tourism in Indonesia’s Frontier Destinations
May 21, 2019 IFC, International Development Bank Launch Effort to Expand Financial Services in Iraq
May 20, 2019 IFC and West Java join forces to ensure sustainable infrastructure growth
May 17, 2019 IFC and ‘Urban 20’ Mayors Highlight Investment Opportunities in Emerging Market Cities
May 14, 2019 IFC Invests in Romania’s First Cover Bond Issue To Increase Mortgage Lending
May 14, 2019 IFC, SECO Partner to Address Water Scarcity in South Africa
May 13, 2019 Eyeing a More Secure Future for Refugees
May 12, 2019 Pioneering Study Examines How Private Sector Can Help Refugees in Africa, Middle East
May 10, 2019 IFC Issues First Ever Offshore Khmer Riel (“KHR”) Bond
May 9, 2019 IFC Helps Strengthen Medical Education in Morocco and Senegal
May 8, 2019 IFC To Invest in ProCredit Holding Green Bonds To Boost Green Investments in South Eastern and Eastern Europe
May 8, 2019 World Bank Group Helps Boost Investment and Agribusiness in Azerbaijan
May 8, 2019 IFC Report Finds $130 Billion Opportunity in Digital Skills Across Sub-Saharan Africa
May 7, 2019 IFC and Amata Join Hands to Advance Sustainability Solutions for Smart Cities, Industrial Zones, and Townships in Thailand and the Mekong Region
May 3, 2019 Latest Progress in Credit Reporting to Promote Financial Inclusion in Cambodia
May 2, 2019 Liquefied Natural Gas Fuels Latin America’s Energy Options
Apr 29, 2019 IFC Provides US$75 Million to Republic Bank to Promote Affordable Housing in Trinidad and Tobago
Apr 25, 2019 IFC, ABC Partner to Increase Rural Financial Inclusion in Uganda
Apr 24, 2019 IFC Signs MOU with Ureed to Boost Economic Opportunities for Women in MENA
Apr 24, 2019 IFC Partners with Ethiopia’s Hallelujah General Hospital to Promote Improvements in Patient Safety
Apr 19, 2019 IFC travaille avec l’AMEA pour professionnaliser les organisations agricoles en Côte d’Ivoire

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