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9/ 17/2020 Georgia’s Small and Medium Businesses to Benefit from IFC’s Loan to Isbank Georgia
9/ 17/2020 IFC and NEXI to Jointly Advance Private-Sector-led Development in Poor and Fragile Countries
9/ 17/2020 IFC-ის სესხით „იშბანკ საქართველოს“ მცირე და საშუალო ბიზნესი ისარგებლებს
9/ 17/2020 IFCとNEXIが貧困国及び脆弱国での民間主導の開発促進において協力
9/ 16/2020 IFC and Collectius launch the first distressed asset recovery platform to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the banking sector and consumer finance in East Asia Pacific
9/ 15/2020 IFC and MBA work to improve access to funding for micro, small and medium enterprises through developing value chain finance in Mongolia
9/ 15/2020 Монголын банкны холбоо Олон улсын санхүүгийн корпорацитай хамтран Монгол Улсад Нийлүүлэлтийн сүлжээний санхүүжилтийг хөгжүүлэх замаар Бичил болон жижиг, дунд бизнес эрхлэгчдийн санхүүжилт авах боломжийг нэмэгдүүлэх чиглэлээр хамтран ажиллахаар боллоо.
9/ 14/2020 IFC Updates CAFI Platform to Help Financial Institutions Measure Climate Impact
9/ 11/2020 IFC Supports Private Sector Development in Turkey Amid Unprecedented Global Crisis
9/ 10/2020 IFC y Banco Sabadell impulsan con 100 millones de dólares al turismo sostenible de Riviera Maya y Vallarta
9/ 8/2020 IFC Supports BOI in More Proactively Targeting Investors
9/ 7/2020 IFC, IMG Partner to Support Access to Healthcare in Uganda
9/ 1/2020 IFC, FMO Support South Africa’s FirstRand to Increase Access to Climate Financing
9/ 1/2020 IFC Helps Banco Agricola Increase Access to Finance, Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic in El Salvador
9/ 1/2020 IFC Launches New Five-Year Canadian Dollar Benchmark, Raising CAD 500 Million to Support Developing Countries
9/ 1/2020 IFC Supports Nigeria’s Plastics Packaging and Recycling Industries
9/ 1/2020 IFC apoya a Banco Agrícola para aumentar el acceso a financiamiento y responder a la COVID-19 en El Salvador
8/ 31/2020 Bancamía e IFC firman acuerdo de cooperación para desarrollar productos y servicios financieros dirigidos a migrantes venezolanos en Colombia
8/ 31/2020 COVID-19 Hit Businesses in Afghanistan Leaving Workers Vulnerable
8/ 31/2020 Bancamía and IFC sign cooperation agreement to develop financial products and services for Venezuelan migrants in Colombia
8/ 27/2020 IFC emëron Menaxherin e ri Rajonal për Evropën Qendrore dhe Juglindore
8/ 27/2020 IFC objavljuje imenovanje novog regionalnog menadžera za Centralnu i Jugoistočnu Evropu
8/ 27/2020 IFC Appoints New Regional Manager for Central and Southeast Europe
8/ 27/2020 IFC are un nou manager regional pentru Europa Centrală și de Sud-est
8/ 27/2020 IFC Promotes Employer-Supported Childcare in Vietnam to Boost Workforce Efficiency and Drive Economic Growth

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